Ethical Management

Hyosung operates a Whistleblowing Center to realize ethical management.

Hyosung strives to comply with law and regulations, eliminate unfair infringement of rights of both employees and stakeholders, and contribute to the establishment of a sound transaction order.

Report target Kindly report any violation of the Hyosung Code of Ethics and other violations made by our employees that you feel require reporting.
  • Violation of HAMC’s Code of Ethics and related laws
  • Corruptions such as demand for and or receipt of money/compensations
  • Fair trade violations and other business related complaints
  • Workplace harassment
  • Employee grievance
  • Child and or forced labor Human rights violations
  • Lack of transparency in selecting suppliers
  • Supplier grievances
  • Illegal and improper use of company assets
  • Manipulation of documents and or false reporting
  • Information security, privacy breaches
  • Other illegal and unfair matters
Informant Protection Principle
  • 1.Protects and supports informants based on code of ethics, code of ethics guidelines for practice and human rights policy and principle.
  • 2.To invigorate reporting, We protect informants through secret guarantee, disadvantage prohibition, liability reduction.
  • 3.Reporting Center do not disclose any information without the informant's consent and thoroughly protect the reporting information about related stakeholders.
  • 4.We provide protection to all those who cooperated in the investigation (i.e. make statements or testimony, provide proofs and data, etc.)
  • 5.In case the whistleblower or the person who cooperated face disadvantage due to reporting, they may request for correction and protection.
    Then the company shall take all measures to minimize the disadvantage.
  • 6.In cases of voluntary reporting, the reporter may be lessened of his punishment despite of his wrong doings.

Your input and comments will be a valuable resource for our reliability as a company.
We first go over the necessity of investigating the content and notify the process and feedback.

The investigation period may be subject to change depending on the content and scope. Enable to report on internet in real-name or anonymous way

Report in other ways

Enable to report through Visit E-mail

  • E-mail :
  • Address : 119, Mapo-daero (Gongdeok-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 04144
Whistleblowing Center Procedure
  • 1.File the Report

    A disclosure may be reported to the Whistleblowing Process through any of the channels. (Through the Hyosung Chemical Website and Email)When a whistleblowing is submitted, a registration e-mail is sent to the person in charge, at the same time, a report registration completion e-mail is sent to whistleblower.

  • 2.Check the Contents (Registration)

    Upon the assessment of the necessity to investigate, the matter is either replied to the whistleblower as “not applicable for investigation” in case it is not eligible for investigation, or sent to the designated personal for investigation. It may take a prescribed time till we answer for commencing the investigation because the contents of your report shall get through the preliminary procedures such as checking with related departments under the principle of protection of the informant.

  • 3.Commence the Investigation and Complete the Investigation

    The investigation is completed through objective fact relevance checking.The action results for the report are registered, and you can check the details of past real-name reports, anonymous reports, and action history.

  • 4.Close and Check the Result of Treatment

    The report shall be closed when the discipline is finalized according to the internal regulation after completion of the investigation.In the case of a real-name informant, action details are sent to the e-mail registered by the informant.In the case of an anonymous whistleblower, you can check the action through 'check Anonymous treport' page in the "Whistleblowing center".

Check Whistleblowing Process