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Hyosung's 'Regen Seoul' teams up with CGV to enhance eco-friendly awareness May.04, 2021


Hyosung TNC has joined hands with CGV to enhance public eco-friendly awareness with "Regen Seoul," the country′s leading eco-friendly fiber.

□ Promotional booths for eco-friendly fiber ′Regen Seoul′
Hyosung TNC announced that it started to run booths to promote the production process of "Rigen Seoul" at three theaters (in Yeongdeungpo, Yeouido, and Gangnam) of CGV, Korea′s leading multiplex theater. They will run through the end of next month.
"Regen Seoul" is an eco-friendly polyester fiber made by Hyosung TNC in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government in January. The local governments of Geumcheon-gu, Yeongdeungpo-gu, and Gangnam-gu, collect waste PET bottles, which Hyosung TNC take over and recycle them into fiber.
The "Regen Seoul" booth is designed to help visitors of the theater easily understand the production process of "Regen." A large screen is also showing a promotional video of "Risen Seoul." Employees of the CGV theaters wear uniforms made of "Rigen Seoul," which Hyosung TNC made in collaboration with Pleatsmama.
Hyosung TNC expects that the event will help improve citizens′ awareness of eco-friendly recycling products and strengthen the brand power of "Regen," the country′s leading eco-friendly fiber.

□ Various events in line to increase interest in eco-friendly products
Besides operating the promotional booths, Hyosung TNC is hosting an Instagram event for ′Rigen Seoul′.
The event which will run for two months in time for the opening of the booths invites participants to post comments on the CGV Event section of Hyosung TNC′s Instagram account (@hyosung_textiles) regarding their pledge to practice environmental protection. Lotteries will pick those who will receive Pleatsmama′s eco-friendly knit bag made of "Regen Seoul." People who posted a photo shot of their visit to the ″CGV Regen Seoul Booth" on their Instagram account will have a higher chance of winning the lottery.
The May 5 Children′s Day will have an event in which family members can participate together. Those who post a photo shot of their visit to the Regen Seoul booth at Yeongdeungpo CGV theater located in Yeongdeungpo Square Times on their Instagram account will receive Hyosung TNC′s G3H10 multi-use eco-friendly mask as a gift.

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