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Hyosung collaborates with 'Kanghyuk', a global upcycling brand that is drawing world attention May.03, 2021


Hyosung′s airbag will be reborn as eco-friendly clothes in conjunction with "Kanghyuk," a brand that is drawing attention in the global fashion industry.

□ Rolls out in May collection of Kanghyuk upcycled clothes made of Hyosung Advanced Materials′ airbag
Hyosung Advanced Materials announced on May 3 that it has supplied for free airbag fabrics to the industrial fashion brand ″Kanghyuk.″
The airbag fabrics provided by Hyosung Advanced Materials, which are enough for 700 jackets, are not sellable because their sizes do not fit into airbags. Kanghyuk will showcase a collection of 23 kinds of clothes, including ski suit-like jackets and pants out of the fabrics.
An eco-friendly upcycling fashion brand, Kanghyuk, produces eco-friendly clothes. Run by Choi Kang-hyuk and Sohn Sang-rak, designers who are drawing attention in the global fashion industry, the brand is famous for its eco-friendly fashion products made of things like airbags used in cars like Mercedes-Benz and car ceiling materials. What′s special about them is that its products retain the original logos and bar codes printed in the airbags and their sewing lines.
Hyosung Advanced Materials produces not only airbag fabrics but also various industrial materials such as seat belt fibers, aramid fibers, carbon fibers, and carpets. On the occasion of the support for Kanghyuk, it will set out on earnest collaborations by supplying more materials. It is noteworthy that Hyosung′s eco-friendly fibers, which have acquired the global recycled standard (GRS), share the direction of sustainability the Kanghyuk brand pursues.
Kanghyuk is brining fresh wind to the global fashion market. It won the 2021 "Samsung Fashion Design Fund (SFDF)″ and advanced to the semifinals of the "LVMH Prize," which is called a Nobel Prize in fashion, in 2019.
Recently, famous foreign rappers and designers, as well as Korean hip-hop stars, have worn Kanghyuk clothes, which lifted its reputation as hip clothes "fashion people" wear.
Meanwhile, Hyosung TNC also plans to pursue a collaboration project with Kanghyuk. Under the project, Hyosung TNC will provide "Regen" fibers made of recycled transparent PET bottles and other functional materials, which Kanghyuk will make into eco-friendly clothes such as T-shirts and outerwear for sales at home and abroad.
□ Eco-friendly collaboration initiated by Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon
The collaboration project was put through after Chairman Cho Hyun-joon, who had been interested in eco-friendly fashion and textile trends, made a proposal to Kanghyuk.
Cho made the proposal in the belief that Kanghyuk which makes clothes out of recycled materials and Hyosung which purses the value of sustainable management, including manufacturing of eco-friendly fibers out of discarded PET bottles, will share a value and contribute to the ethical "value consumption" favored by the MZ generation.
Hyosung expects that the latest collaboration will help expand the domestic and foreign eco-friendly fashion market and raise consumers′ awareness of recycled products.
Prior to the collaboration project, Hyosung had been leading the domestic eco-friendly fashion market, expanding the supply of eco-friendly fibers like "Regen Seoul," "Regen Jeju," and "Regen Ocean," which utilize recycled transparent PET bottles.
Recently, it has launched G3H10, a Regen brand, through the Wadiz crowd funding platform, and produced clothes with eco-friendly fashion brand Pleatsmama, which helped it take a strong position as a leading eco-friendly company.

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