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The Board of Directors and Mission - Look at detailed information about the Board of Directors.

  • Board of Director Composition
  • The Result of Board of Directors Meetings

Standing Director

  • Hyun-Joon Cho, Chairman

    * Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho – News

    * Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho – Video

  • Kyoo-Young Kim, President
  • Vice Chairman Cho Hyun-sang
    Present) COO
    Present) President, Industrial Materials PG
    Present) Hyosung Chemicals PG CMO

Outside Director

Sang-Myeung Chung
President of Chung Sangmyeong Law Firm
Former Attorney General for Supreme Prosecutors' Office
Myung-ja Kim
President of Korean Federation of Science and Technology Society
Former Minister for the Ministry of Environment
Young-Lae Son
Adviser of Sojong Partners Law Firm
former Commissioner of National Tax Service
Ki-Woong Kim
Advisor of "The Korea Economic Daily"
Chairman of "Korea Press Ethics Commission"
Jung-Dong Chae
Advisor of “Democratic Party of Korea"
Former Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism
O-Gon Kwon
President of International Law Institute, Kim & Chang Law Firm
Director of Research, Constitutional Court of Korea

Board of Directors Committee

Management Committee
Partictipation in the decision of main business management through regular meetings.
Kyoo-Young Kim / Hyun-Joon Cho / H.S. Cho
Outside Director Recommendation Committee
Recommendation of out side director candidates.
O-Gon Kwon / Hyun-Joon Cho / Young-Lae Son
Audit Committee
Authority to audit business of the Company.
Authority to request reports on the status of the businesses of the company and to investigate the status of properties of the company.
Young-Lae Son / Sang-Myung Chung / Ki-Woong Kim
Transparency Committee
Examining: major management issues to protect shareholders rights including divestment, incorporation, and transfer of business
shareholder return policies including dividend and buy back
related party transactions under the governance of MONOPOLY REGULATION AND FAIR TRADE ACT
and other matters may the committee consider important prior to introducing such matter to the Board of Directors. (The Transparency Committee reserves the right to approve and/or reject related party transactions)
Kyoo-Young Kim / Sang-Myung Chung / O-Gon Kwon / Dong-Chae Jeong