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Eco-Conscious Management - We will be the company that makes a cleaner environment and a brighter future.

Cultivating the future, saving the planet

Blue skies, warm sun, clean water, cool breezes – Nature endows us with healthier, richer lives.
And Hyosung is taking responsibility to protect such precious gifts of nature.
With its efforts to minimize CO2 emissions and waste water from its production facilities, Hyosung strives to preserve the environment and by helping people enjoy a cleaner environment. Hyosung continues to develop technologies to recycle resources and cut energy consumption, as well as transitioning to new energy sources.

We will lead in environmental protection through our green activities.

Initiative to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Initiative to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Image

In an effort to minimize damages to the ecosystem through greenhouse gases and to follow the fundamental laws on low carbon and green growth, Hyosung is working to reduce greenhouse gases in all of its production facilities. Many of our various business locations, such as Ulsan, Gumi and Yongyeon, have already signed agreements voluntarily with the Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) to minimize the level of greenhouse gas emissions. We are now in the process of introducing greener equipment and use alternative fuels. As a result, the Ulsan and Yongyeon plants alone have cut about 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions already and our other facilities are also catching up in regards to these efforts.
Hyosung vows to continue its work in protecting the environment through these and other initiatives.

Environmental Clean-Up Initiatives by Office

Environmental Clean-Up Initiatives by Office Image

We help our natural environment maintain its beauty through the ‘One Company, One Mountain’ and ‘One Company, One River’ initiatives from each of our offices. Through this volunteer worak of our employees, Hyosung seeks to fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the local community.


We will protect the future for humanity through our renewable energy research.

Wind Turbine Power Generation

Wind Turbine Power Generation Image

Hyosung started developing independent wind power generation technologies since 1999, based on its expertise amassed in various existing business functions, such as power distribution equipment, generators and industrial gear boxes. As a result of these efforts, we have developed the first independently designed wind turbine system technology in the country in 2004. The company is now operating wind farms in Jeju and Daegiri and Maebong Mt. in Gangwon-do. Hyosung’s wind power generation system has been recognized for its superior quality, becoming the first in Korea to receive international quality certification from DEWI-OCC, a German wind power generation certification body. The need for onshore wind farms, as opposed to offshore, has been raised in particular in Korea and we have been selected to supervise the national project for 5MW onshore wind turbine power generation.

Solar Power Generation System

Solar Power Generation System Image

Solar power generation involves sunlight, which is nature’s unlimited energy source. This innovative new energy form is the future’s clean energy source that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A highly marketable new energy, about 2.6 percent of power generated in the country in 2011 is estimated to come from solar power, while the market is expected to grow to about 100 trillion KRW by 2020. In 2007, Hyosung participated in the turn-key project for the 3MW Samnangjin Solar Power Plant over the entire installation process with its own technology from design and materials sourcing. Hyosung also built a 1.6MW Taean Solar Farm solar power plant and started operating it since July 2008.


ESS Image

This system, which stores and uses electricity when needed, provides benefits such as increased use of renewable energy, improved stability of electric power usage, and reduced electricity costs. It also supplies power to island areas in connection with renewable energy sources.

Methane Gas Recycling Facility

Methane Gas Recycling Facility Image

Hyosung has been developing technologies to create methane from food. Hyosung built a facility that produces electricity using the methane generated in the decomposition of food wastes or garbage, offering a highly efficient energy source that minimizes CO2 emissions.


We will bring sensibility to the world by leading initiatives for efficient energy use.

Smart grid (intelligent power distribution system)

Smart grid (intelligent power distribution system) Image

Hyosung is also active in the smart grid business using wind power and other new renewable energy sources. Smart grids are intelligent power distribution systems that combine power generation to IT, allowing for real-time bi-directional information exchange between the power supplier and the consumer, thus optimizing overall energy efficiency.
We were the first company in the country to provide a smart grid product (50MVA STACOM) to the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) in 2010 and are now fully immersed in developing new technologies that can compete with the leading companies around the globe.

ESCO Project

ESCO Project Image

Hyosung has had great results participating in the Energy Service Company (ESCO) Project, in which energy conservation measures are put in place to guarantee savings in energy and the savings in energy are used to pay back the initial capital investment costs.

hydrogen charging stations

hydrogen charging stations Image

Hyosung provides total solutions encompassing the supply, production, assembly, and installation of materials that are necessary for the construction of hydrogen charging stations. This allows for designing in the most efficient manner, requiring smaller installation space yet providing better compressor durability compared to competitors. In addition, Hyosung succeeded in localizing hydrogen chargers, hydrogen gas cooling systems, and hydrogen gas compression packages with its own technology. Hyosung also ensures safety, the most important element of hydrogen charging stations. Through real-time data analysis, Hyosung’s station not only displays charging status but also promptly identifies the cause of any problems. It is also equipped with a safety system that can manage hydrogen sensors, flame detectors, and pressure sensors in real time.

CNG Filling Stations

CNG Filling Stations Image

Hyosung has already solidified its position as the leading provider of CNG filling stations. Mainly used in buses, CNG is a green and highly efficient natural gas responsible for reduced CO2 emissions from public transportation vehicles.

High-Efficiency Motors

High-Efficiency Motors Image

High-efficiency motors have 20 to 30 percent less energy loss and 3 to 18 percent higher efficiency compared to other products; Hyosung’s high efficiency motors reduce CO2 generation and reduce energy costs.

High-Efficiency Pumps

High-Efficiency Pumps Image

Hyosung has been developing technologies to create methane from food. Hyosung built a facility that produces electricity using the methane generated in the decomposition of food wastes or garbage, offering a highly efficient energy source that minimizes CO2 emissions.


LED Image

LED is a next-generation light source that can decrease power consumption by over 80% comparing to the existing ones (incandescent bulb). Also, it is an eco-friendly light source without any hazardous substances. Hyosung is leading our future LED market by developing innovative technologies, ranging from the LED devices to the application parts.