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Technology R&D Center - Hyosung will develop the world's best technology to enrich our everyday lives.

Developing the world’s best products for advanced financial IT

As Korea’s largest financial automation device R&D Center, the center boasts independent hardware and software development technologies for creating automated devices, terminals, and core modules.
Since its establishment in 1983, the Center has succeeded in implementing different countries’ currency-identifying technologies and acquired standard certifications required by EMV, EPP, CEN, and UL in the international market, thereby contributing to the advancement of financial IT technology.
The goal of the center is to contribute to the safety and development of the financial service industry with the world’s best financial automation device technology.

Research Areas

Research Areas Image
ATM development
  • System
  • Mechanism
  • Electric department
  • S/W
Mechatronics, new robotics technology development
Element technical development
  • Control technology
  • Device technology
  • Circuit technique

Key Developments


Developed and Operated Digital Desk’s H/W and S/W for Teller’s

convenience, Developed New Teller’s Banking Machine’s H/W and

S/W for Teller’s convenience, Developed New BRM Module for

Domestic and Global Market, Developed New CSM Module

Developed Managed Service for BRI bank in Indonesia, Developed

Next AP Solution for Fintech and currency exchange service,

Developed MV100 for Nigerian Market.


Developed Drive-Through ATM for financial customers in the U.S.;

developed kiosk device and S/W for self-ordering

Developed SCO (Self-Check-Out) device for wholesale markets;

acquired EPP (Encryption Pin Pad) PCI 5.0 certification

Acquired customer certification for ATM S/W for Windows 10;

developed and began operation of Moni-Manager for MVS Project in India

Developed SBK (Digital Kiosk) S/W in Korea (for KB Kookmin Bank and Hana Bank);

developed TCR MS 500 S/W for the Western European market


Developed present BRM with differentiated functions to reflect customer’s needs for the U.S. Bank market

Developed transit BRM that allows cash replenishment/retract without opening the safe for enhancing the cash

management of branches

Developed CDU that miniaturized cash dispenser cassette of the U.S retail market and improved customer



Developed a new middle and high priced ATM 'MX2800SE' to expand the retail market,

Developed Kbank Multi-ATM for the domestic market,

Developed WARP UX/UI of the next generation ATM S/W platform based on Omni-channel,

Developed an algorithm to detect soiled banknotes, Developed Dual CPU control technology,

Developed Linux OS-based Linux ATM S/W supporting C/XFS specification


Developed standard ATM "MX8600S, MX5600S" with improved security and performance,

Developed an optimized branch solution "Mini-NBS", Developed "Micro ATM" to reduce customers TCO,

Developed new high end ATM "MX7800 Series",

Development of "MoniMobile" Retail ATM management mobile solution


Developed Full Function New Branch Solution (ShinHan Bank Digital Kiosk) for domestic market,

new ATM line up for global market (MX7800 Series), New Branch Solution with Teller Cash Recycler (MS500SE),

Mobile ATM Solution (MARS)


Developed Cash & Check Recycler Machine (CCRM), Teller ATM (TCR) Line of Products

(Under/High Counter Types), New ATM for Retail Banking (NH2600SE, MX5200),

Bitcoin ATM, Banknote Validation Using Multispectral Imagery,

Metal Detection Mechanism, Video Banking Solution


Developed Standard Hybrid ATM, Full Function New Branch Solution (Self Service Banking, Video Banking),

Halo ATM, ATM with Global BRM (MX8200CL, MX8600), ATM specified for blind people,

ATM software ‘MoniPlus 2S’ for ATM Multi-vendor usage


Developed New Branch Solution (Self Service Banking, Video Banking),teller ATM (TCR),

cash/check mixed media recycling module (BRM11), passbook issue module,

banknote fitness sorting technology, OCR technology for banknote serial numbers,

CEN safe series (Grade L,Ⅰ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ), ATM Software ‘MoniPlus’ – global security standard certification


Developed export-type check/cash deposit integrated module (CCIM), New Branch Solution (Hybrid ATM),

circulating ATM with Global BRM (8000A, 8000TA), CEN Grade Ⅲ-certified in the safe security sector,

trial-operated the kiosk robots for Korea Racing Authority (KRA)


Developed Island (Bunker Type) ATM, new-generation High-End CDU, selected as pilot business operator for

financial service robot business (by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy),

I-PBM (inkjet bankbook printer),and industry’s first Windows CE-based embedded system NDC application


Developed the new-generation circulating ATM with Korea’s first BRM (Ubitus 8100),

currency identification certification by Europe Central Bank


Developed the export-type cash deposit module (BNA), exporttype check deposit module (BCA),

kiosks, and circulating coin and banknote ATM


Developed a new type of cash and check ATM (SCDP2), export-type,

financially high-performing ATM (MX 7600 series), cash scanner sensing deposit machine (CSM)


Developed high-performing drive-up ATM for the US financial industry,

New Lobby ATM for Chinese ISO market (NH 5050) and new banknote multifunctional ATM (T2 ATM)


Developed bill payment systems for export to Mexico and

automatic cash dispenser for export to China (MX 5600)


Developed bank statement printer (A4 Size) and wall-mountabletype ATM


Developed wall-mountable-type and drive-up automatic cash dispenser and giro bill payer


Developed high-performing automatic teller machine (T1 ATM) and

automatic cash dispenser for export to the US (MB 1500)


Developed desk-type automatic cash dispenser (NanoCash-3000)


Developed desk automatic cash dispenser (NanoCash-2000), VAN CD


Developed automatic cash dispenser for export to the US (MB-3000)


Developed automatic cash dispenser for export to the US (Mini Bank)


Developed export-type cash dispensing unit (CDU-M)


Developed circulating automatic cash deposit and dispensing machine (RATM)

and branch server (Branch Processor)


Developed non-circulating automatic cash deposit and dispensing machine (ATM)


Developed cash and check dispenser (CD) and bankbook printer