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Brief History - The footsteps of a company that is well on its way to global success


  • Launched ESG Management Committee
  • Hyosung acquired Hyosung Transworld


  • Hyosung Advanced Materials awarded the best grade by CDP for global efforts to cope with climate changes
  • Hyosung ITX Joined Forces with SAP Korea to Deliver Next-Gen Smart Factory Solutions
  • HYOSUNG certified anew as exemplary entity in provision of support for culture/arts
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries to build Korea’s first liquefied hydrogen station in Samcheok
  • Hyosung Advanced Materials, Ulsan City sign MOU for investment in expansion of Aramid factory
  • Signed an MOU with the Linde Group for liquid hydrogen business


  • Hyosung TNC participates in SaigonTex 2019
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries participated in GRIDTECH-2019 in New Delhi, India
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries conducted the sale of Cheongryangri Station Harrington Place
  • Hyosung Chemical held the 1st shareholders' regular general meeting
  • The Class Hyosung signed an MoU with Citibank
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries joined Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet), an alliance of hydrogen charging station businesses
  • Hyosung TNC participated in 2019 Daegu International Textile Fair (PID, Preview in Daegu)
  • Changwon Plant received the Plaque of Appreciation from Changwon City for social contribution
  • Hyosung TNC participated in 2020 S/S Première Vision
  • Hyosung Chemical held Corporate Day in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Hyosung ITX commercialized the AI Chatbot customer service center
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries won Green Energy awards at Korea Green Car Awards
  • Hyosung Information Systems Opens Data Center Solution Demonstration Center


  • Hyosung Advanced Materials established a new tire cord production corporation in Vietnam
  • Hyosung TNS received a citation from the Mayor of Gangnam-gu for superior volunteer work.
  • Hyosung ITX established voice recognition counseling support system for CJ Hello.
  • 'Prizma' of Hyosung received 2018 IR52 Jang Yeong-sil Award
  • The joint IR session Corporate Day was held
  • Governor Yuan Jia Jin of China's Zhejiang Province visited the head office of the Hyosung Group
  • Supported the job creation for women and physically disadvantaged persons
  • The holding company and 4 other companies were spun off
  • Hyosung R&D Business Labs acquired new technology certification for its brightness enhancement film
  • Hyosung joined the 2nd Korea-India Business Summit
  • Hyosung TNS received a citation at Disability Employment Promotion Conference 2018.
  • Song In-sang was selected as the key individual to be remembered for February.


  • Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho was inaugurated.
  • Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant signed the tripartite CSR agreement.
  • Changwon Plant attained the highest level in the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency's ‘Win-Win Cooperation Program.’
  • Hyosung Harrington Square was completed near Gongdeok Station.


  • The Industrial Machinery Performance PU became the first in Korea to develop the 15MW water-turbine generator.
  • The Interior PU completed the construction of the Qingdao Plant in China.
  • Received the grand prize in the science and technology research category at ‘Jung Jin-ki Media-Culture Award’
  • Received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's award at Green Construction Industry Awards
  • POK Business Team acquired the automotive quality management system certification.
  • Hyosung GoodSprings PU received the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy's citation.
  • 50th anniversary of Hyosung Group
  • Received the Prime Minister's citation at Korean National Sharing Awards 2016
  • Received the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy's Climate Week award for ‘its contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions’
  • Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. received the Minister of Gender Equality and Family's award for excellence in Work-Life Balance.
  • Its operating profit in 2016 exceeded KRW1 trillion and the company subsequently joined the ‘KRW1 trillion Club.’


  • Opened the company pre-kindergarten in Changwon Factory and Head Office in Mapo.
  • Selected as ‘The Excellent supporter of Culture and Art’ by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
  • Established ‘Creative Economy Supporting Team’
  • Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. received the Bronze Towel Order of Industrial Service Merit in recognition of its contribution to job creation.
  • Hyosung Information System PU became No. 1 in the high-end storage market.
  • The Mapo headquarters and Changwon Plant opened employer-supported childcare centers.
  • Signed the MOU for the Baegun Knowledge & Culture Valley urban development project
  • Signed the MOU for supporting the fostering of industries specialized for Jeollabuk-do
  • Opened the Carbon Business Incubation Center in Jeonju
  • Acquired Best Family Friendly Management Certification in 2015


  • Power Systems PU supplied 100Mvar STATCOM(Static Synchronous Compensator) to Shinsungnam Substation.
  • Spandex PU acquired the certificate of ISO/TS 29001 for the first time in Korea.
  • Hyosung GoodSprings completed the largest ‘pump test center’ in the world.
  • Industrial machinery PU supplied the 1st CNG re-filling center for taxi in the country.
  • Power Systems PU took the order of substation amounting to US$ 100 million from Algerian Power Authority.
  • Power Systems PU completed photovoltaic power plant in Mozambique and supplied electric power.
  • Extended Spandex Factory in Vietnam.
  • Built Polyketone factory.
  • Construction Sector exceeded 1 trillion KRW in order value.
  • Acquired the certification of HS90 new-recycled energy equipment for wind force generator in 2MW from DEWI-OCC, Germany.
  • Acquired the international certification for maritime wind force generation system in 5MW for the first time in Korea.
  • Opened ‘Some Sevit’, the waterside cultural space at Han River.
  • Established Jeonbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center.
  • Won the prize of 2014 Korea Technical Grand Prize for high performance carbon fiber TANSOME®.


  • Launched brand of carbon fiber TANSOME®
  • Industrial machinery PU acquired the certification IECEx Service Facility.
  • Hyosung R&C Center acquired the certification of hollow fiber membrane, membrane module in pressurized type.
  • Completed carbon fiber factory in Jeonju.
  • Participated in industrial innovation movement 3.0 to conclude the agreement of contributing fund for accompanied growth.
  • Neochem PU won the prize of '2012 Global Preferred Supplier'
  • Packaging PU launched new beverage products (Jung Foods Vegemil, Green Tea, soybean milk latte, etc)
  • ESS(Energy Saving System) business won the Prize of ‘2013 Frost & Sullivan Korea Award Products Strategy’
  • Won the prize of 'Chairman of Health and Welfare Committee in National Assembly' in the 1st Korea Sharing Happiness Social Contribution Prize.
  • Packaging PU launched new beverage products (2 new products of Aroma of Green Tea and Genuine Corn Hair Tea of Paris Baguette)
  • Medical service team 'Smile Expedition' enforced service activity in Vietnam Factory(Nhon Trach, Dongnai Province)
  • Textile PG was selected as 2013 Great Work Place in Korea enforced by KMAC(Korea Management Association Consulting)
  • Industrial machinery PU concluded the agreement of electric motor of pump for seawater desalination of PJT in the 3rd stage of Yanbu with Dorishima Manufacture in Japan.
  • Established the 1st Goodwill Store, a social business.
  • Developed ‘Polyketone’, the new materials of polymer.
  • Gumi factory acquired the PSM 'P' grade for 2 consecutive years.
  • Won the prize of Minister of Education in 2013 Korea Educational Donation.
  • Power Systems PU acquired the certificate of '2013 global top products' for gas insulation switch.
  • Took the order of ‘membrane water purification system’ for water quality improvement business from Jeollanamdo.
  • Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU acquired the certificate of internationally circulated carbon labeling.
  • Yongyeon Factory held groundbreaking ceremony for propylene factory.


  • Selected as the 'charging system business' of Korea Electric Power Corporation's (KEPCO) EV sharing pilot project
  • Neochem PU won '2011 Global Most Improved Supplier' award from LINDE in Germany
  • Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center commercialized 1kW dual cell stack for home fuel cells
  • Industrial Machinery PU signed an agreement with Korea Gas Safety Corporation to obtain IECEx and ATEX for 25 electric motor types
  • Packaging PU launched new beverages (including Del Monte Cold)
  • Power & Industrial Systems PG signed a contract for electrical power grid construction in Qatar
  • Power & Industrial Systems PG delivered the first product of its solar inverter
  • Vietnam Smile Expedition won KPRA Korea PR Awards for its Global PR
  • Company newsletter <HYOSUNG> won 'Chairman's Prize of Korea Clean Contents National Movement Association' in Company Newsletter of '2012 Korea Communication Awards'
  • Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU completed construction of Thailand JV steel cord plant with SEI
  • Packaging PU produced Seoul Dairy Cooperative's new Dotoru products
  • Nautilus Hyosung won the '2012 Red Dot Design Award'


  • Gwanghyewon factory introduces PS Call-based quality control system
  • Power & Industrial Systems PG has signed an MOU with Electric Insulation Research Center, Seoan Traffic University for joint research and development
  • Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU extends its MOU with Michelin for another 5-year’s supply
  • Gwanghyewon factory selected as Best Partner for Clients 2010
  • Three types of intelligent electronic devices for automation of digital transformation acquired IEC 61850 from KEMA, the Dutch-based international certificate authority
  • Nautilus Hyosung signs an MOU with SKT for ‘Smart Branch’
  • Donated 500 million won to “Bridge of Hope Korea Disaster Relief Association” for the flood damage recovery
  • Developing the country’s first Carbon Fiber
  • Built spandex plant in Brazil


  • Received Tower of Exports Order for $4 Billion in exports(The 47th Annual Trade Day)
  • Built steel cord plant in Vietnam
  • Signed agreement to build spandex plant in Brazil
  • Signed contract to build electrical power grid in Qatar
  • Launched transformer substation construction project in Algeria
  • Supplied 50MVA STACOM to KEPCO for the first time in Korea
  • Hyosung EBARA Engineering launches sewage treatment business in Algeria
  • Participated in 2010 Shanghai Expo
  • Hyosung R&D Business Labs received Awards for Creativity in Science and Technology and Honors from Vice-Minister of Education, Science and Technology for developing the country’s first TAC film


  • Declared the Hyosung Way
  • Built aramid fiber plant
  • Built TAC film plant
  • Established Hyosung Toyota Corporation
  • Signed MOU to build power generation and wind turbine plant with Korea Southern Power Co.
  • Received international certification for 750kW gear-type wind turbine(DEWI-OCC, Germany)
  • Xanadu polyester fibers selected as Next-Generation World-Class Product by Ministry of Commerce
  • Hyosung R&DB Labs received Presidential Award for Merit of promotion of Science and Technology (Korea Industrial Technology Association)


  • Built spandex plant in Turkey and Vietnam
  • Acquired Chinhung International, Inc.
  • Expanded ultra high voltage power facility
  • Built tire cord plant in Vietnam
  • Built plant for Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd. In China
  • Built Photovoltaic Power plant in Taean, Chuncheongnam-do


  • Production started by Neochem PU at Yongyeon Plant.
  • PP 'R200P' for piping selected as World-Class Product by Ministry of Commerce
  • Founded subsidiaries in US and Brazil
  • Polyester-based electricity-conducting yarn conjugate spinning technology certified as new technology by Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Acquired Dongguk Trade’s plant in Zhuhai
  • The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd. ranks #1 in customer satisfaction for 3 consecutive years
  • Built spandex plants in Turkey
  • Cumulative production of circuit breakers reached 10,000
  • Started conservation of Kim Gu’s refuge historical heritage site in China
  • Signed contract to acquire Star Lease Co., Ltd.
  • Built tire cord plant in Vietnam
  • Built Photovoltaic power plant in Miryang
  • Released recycled-fiber Mipan Regen


  • Introduced brand management system
  • Acquired China’s Nantong Transformers Co., Ltd
  • Acquired part of Germany’s Agfa Photo’s property
  • Successfully developed Korea’s first wind turbine power generation system
  • Selected as the ’Most Respectable Company’ for three consecutive years
  • Erected Founding CEO Hong-Jai Cho’s statue in DongYang Mirae Univ.
  • Built steel cord plant in Nanjing, China
  • Celebrated 100th Anniversary of Founding CEO Hong-Jai Cho’s birthday
  • Signed $32 billion contract to supply tire cords
  • Acquired four plants from Goodyear
  • Launched gaming business with Hyosung CTX


  • Built nylon film plant in Jiaxing, China
  • Built transformer plant for Baoding Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co., Ltd. in China
  • Built nylon film plant in Gumi
  • Hyosung Information System received Minister of Information and Communication Award
  • Signed long-term contract with Michelin worth $650 million; acquired local plant
  • Polyester PU received ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications
  • Built China’s first 750kV transformer substation
  • Received Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Training and Education


  • Earned the TPA PU ISO 14001 certification (Yongyeon Plant)
  • Work for the spandex Plant in Zuhai, China completed.
  • Work for expansion of the nylon film Plant in Gumi completed.
  • Work for the transformer Plant in Baoding, China completed.
  • Introduced garment yarn nylon 66 Zenio onto the market.
  • Work for expansion of the spandex Plant in Gumi completed.
  • Signed a supply contract for 750kV switchgear with Northwest Street Power Grid Corp, China.
  • The Tire Cord Plant in Jiaxing, China completed.
  • Introduced Ion-free, PTT carpet (Interior PU)
  • Earned the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certifications (Eonyang Plant)
  • ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002,
  • Earned the ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 14001:1996 certifications (Nylon Fiber PU).
  • Developed Mipan Nano Magic Silver.
  • Hyosung Dryvit changed its name to Hyosung Innotech inc.


  • Yarn for nylon 66 airbag was developed.
  • Ulsan Plant obtained the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification for Tire & Inductrial Reinforcements PU.
  • Hyosung Steelcord(Qingdao) Co., Ltd was established in Qingdao,China.
  • Boading Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co., Ltd was established in Huabei Province, China.
  • The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd., an import car sales corporation, was established.
  • Silver fiber "Mipan Magic Silver" was developed.
  • Hyosung Spandex(Guangdong) Co., Ltd was established in Guangdong Province, China.
  • Hyosung Film(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd was established in Zhejiang Province, China.


  • Hyosung Computer PU and Hyosung Data System were merged into Nautilus Hyosung Inc.
  • Took over the tire cord Plant of Michelin in Scotsville, U.S.A.
  • Made a long-term supply contract for tire cords with Michelin.


  • Took over Tele Service.
  • Adopted ERP.


  • Expanded polyester tire cord plant
  • Tookover the Bridge Solution Group, Hongjin Data System and the Aegis Venture Group.
  • Hyosung Spandex(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd was established in China.


  • Expanded the Gumi Spandex Plant


  • Hyosung T&C, Hyosung Corporation, Hyosung Living Industry and Hyosung Industries consolidated into Hyosung Corporation
  • Realigned organization into 5 Performance Groups and 31 Performance Units


  • Established Hyosung EBARA Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Established Hyosung Finance Co., Ltd.
  • Completed the Beijing Computer Plant
  • Completed the Cheongwon Home Carpet Plant
  • Textiles PG received ISO 9001 certification
  • Information & Communication PG received ISO 9001 certification


  • Changed the name of Tongyang Nylon to Hyosung T&C Co., Ltd.
  • Changed the name of Tongyang Polyester to Hyosung Living Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Established Hyosung VINA in Vietnam
  • Increased PP capacity from 110,000 tons to 230,000 tons
  • Started polyester film business
  • Reached \1 trillion in sales
  • Established the nylon film plant in Daejeon
  • Hyosung Living Industry received ISO 9001 certification for all its products
  • Power & Industrial PG received ISO 9001 certification for all its products


  • Completed the Daejeon Tile Carpet Plant
  • Completed Gumi Plant II (fabric)
  • Inaugurated 21st Century Committee, Second Wave Business Launch Committee


  • Established Hyosung Information & Communications Co., Ltd.
  • Completed the Jochiwon Plant
  • Selected for Excellence in Construction by Ministry of Transport, Civil Engineering and Tourism


  • Head office building moved to Kongduk-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Developed PREMO, a wastewater treatment microbe product
  • Received ISO 9001 certification for 4 product lines, including ultra high voltage (UHV) transformers, circuit breakers, and motors


  • Acquire CFC nylon plant in Sri Lanka
  • Started producing spandex at Anyang Plant
  • Completed Gumi Plant I (yarn)
  • Completed Changwon Plant V (gear reducers)


  • Completed the Yongyeon PP & Propylene plant
  • $500 million in exports
  • Established Hyosung Living Industry Scholarship Foundation


  • Launched PP and propylene business
  • Established Hyosung EBARA Co., Ltd.
  • Applied for trademark of the TOPLON to 40 foreign countries
  • Completed Changwon Plant IV (electric panel products)


  • Established Resin Research Division


  • Established Korea Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
  • Acquired Wonmi Textile Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Built 3rd plant in Changwon (rotary machines)


  • Established Hyosung Hitachi Data Systems(currently Nautilus Hyosung)
  • Founded training institutes
  • Construction PG selected as Best Builder by Korea National Housing Corporation


  • Established Hyosung NAS Co., Ltd.(now Hyosung Information System Co., Ltd.)
  • Built Anyang General Training Institute


  • Merged Toplon Co., Ltd.
  • Merged Hyosung Construction Co., Ltd.


  • Established Electronic R&D Center
  • Started exports of motors to US


  • Exported tire cord technology to India
  • Exported 230kV special steel towers to Bangladesh


  • Established Hyosung BASF Co., Ltd.
  • Completed the Gumi Computer Plant


  • Established Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center
  • Awarded for the Best Quality Management System
  • Developed BCF yarns for carpets


  • Completed the Changwon Plant


  • Acquired Tongyang Educational Foundation


  • Acquired Hanyoung Industries Co., Ltd.


  • Established Toplon Co., Ltd.
  • Established Tongyang Polyester Co., Ltd.
  • Established Tongyang Dyeing Co., Ltd.


  • Established Research Institute


  • Acquired Hanil Nylon Co., Ltd.


  • Developed Korea’s first 154kV high-voltage transformer


  • Completed the Ulsan Plant


  • Completed the tire cord plant in Ulsan


  • Established Tongyang Nylon Co., Ltd.