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Hyosung Corporation

㈜효성 문의 메일주소
IR holding_ir@hyosung.com Others holding_etc@hyosung.com

Hyosung TNC Corporation

효성티앤씨㈜ 문의 메일주소
Business and Products tnc_business@hyosung.com IR tnc_ir@hyosung.com
A/S tnc_as@hyosung.com Others tnc_etc@hyosung.com

Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation

효성중공업㈜ 문의 메일주소
Heavy Industries Business hi_sales@hyosung.com Construction hi_construction@hyosung.com
Heavy Industries Technology hi_technical@hyosung.com IR hi_ir@hyosung.com
Heavy Industries A/S hi_as@hyosung.com Others hi_etc@hyosung.com

Hyosung Advanced Materials Corporation

효성첨단소재㈜ 문의 메일주소
Business and Products am_business@hyosung.com IR am_ir@hyosung.com
A/S am_as@hyosung.com Others am_etc@hyosung.com

Hyosung Chemical Corporation

효성화학㈜ 문의 메일주소
Business and Products chemical_business@hyosung.com IR chemical_ir@hyosung.com
A/S chemical_as@hyosung.com Others chemical_etc@hyosung.com