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Hyosung Tnc to Make Forays into Global Eco-Friendly Outdoor Markets with Recycled Fiber Made from Abandoned Fishing Nets Jun.20, 2023

Hyosung TNC is taking part in the succession of fiber and fashion expos held in the United States and Europe in a bid to make forays into global eco-friendly markets.

Hyosung TNC is introducing an array of its eco-friendly fiber goods at OR (Outdoor Retailer) Show 2023 held in Salt Lake City, US for three days from June 19 to 21. It is one of the largest outdoor industry expos held in North America.

At said OR Show, Hyosung TNC is introducing Regen Ocean Nylon recycled from abandoned fishing nets, the main culprit of plastic-based pollution of the ocean, and Regen Ocean Robic fiber made from Regen Ocean Nylon.1)

Especially, Hyosung expects visitors to the expo to pay attention to its cooperation with Osprey, which enjoys the top position in global outdoor backpack markets.

Osprey has introduced the Talon Earth collection for S/S 2024 where Hyosung TNC′s Regen Ocean Robic was applied. Said item is a technical backpack product made mainly of recycled materials ranging from fabrics to sewing thread and zipper chain plastic. It boasts comfort of wearing and durability equal to existing products as well as being Osprey′s first backpack approved by Bluesign®.

As a sustainability standard concerning environment, health, and safety controlled by Swiss group Bluesign Technologies, Bluesign examines the material ingredients and entire process of production of goods such as work stability as well as whether pollutants are generated, including matters concerning end consumers′ safety, to ensure that the goods are safe for both producers and consumers.

Hyosung TNC succeeded in the development of Mypan Regen Robic in 2020 after about a year of research through close cooperation with Osprey. 

At the time, Mypan Regen Robic was a material made from recycled byproducts created in the process of production of fiber goods. Note, however, that the one introduced this time is one developed by Hyosung TNC and Osprey using only abandoned fishing nets, so it is an upgraded material in terms of eco-friendliness.

Recently, Hyosung completed LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) by comparing 1 kg of recycled nylon made from abandoned fishing nets with 1 kg of existing nylon. The use of Regen Ocean Nylon was found to result in 73% reduction of CO2 emission, 75.7% reduction in the use of fossil fuel, and up to 98.6% reduction in consumption of water.

″No other business in the world can produce recycled fiber goods made from the three leading chemical fibers. We at Hyosung will continue to strive for product-related R&D for sustainable and active lifestyle as a leading business in the field of eco-friendly fiber,″ Hyosung Chairman CHO Hyun-joon said.

Hyosung TNC plans to introduce its recycled goods differentiated from the others by taking part in the eco-friendly material specializing FFE (Future Fabric Expo) held in London for three days from June 26.

At said expo, the Company intends to look for substantial business opportunities through first-hand meetings with customers to expand its presence in the European market, which leads global markets for eco-friendly fiber and fashion goods. 

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