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Hyosung Chairman CHO Hyun-joon: "MZ generations are our future." Jun.30, 2023

□ Recruitment and training of 150-plus new employees fresh from college in the first half of the year

Hyosung Chairman CHO Hyun-joon is taking a positive step for training young talented employees including recruitment of new employees for the first half of the year.

Hyosung said on June 30 that it plans to hire about 150 college graduates as new employees through open competition for the first half of the year.

The Company has completed the procedure for the recruitment of 150 talented young employees through document-based screening and interviews for those who will work in the fields of sales, production, research, and management support through the work carried out from last April.

Hyosung recruits those fresh from college twice a year under Chairman CHO Hyun-joon′s management philosophy that training young talented people is intended to strengthen the basis of the long-lasting future of the Company.

The newly hired employees start their work as Hyosung employees with the two-week long training course carried out at the Hyosung Human Resources Development Institute in Anyang from July 3.

On-the-job training course will follow in due course for them to grow as experts in their respective field.

 ″It is the first thing we should do to train talented young people who can cultivate future markets to be able to cope with the rapidly changing business environments such as digital conversions. We should provide positive support for them to fulfill their dreams to their hearts′ content so that they may grow together with the Company,″ Hyosung Chairman CHO Hyun-joon said.

□ Summer camp held for 1st year – 4th year employees this month 

A summer camp was held twice this month in Haeundae, Busan for 1st year – 4th year professionals of Hyosung Heavy Industries.

The session was aimed at raising the morale of young employees and inspire their love of the Company. Such face-to-face session could not be held for some time due to COVID-19. 

The participants also engaged in a variety of extra activities such as summer festival, surfing, etc.

According to them, the session provided them with an opportunity to look back on their career at Hyosung and build friendships with other colleagues. 

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