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Hyosung donates welfare fund for firemen Mar.14, 2023

Hyosung is set to donate 300 million won for firemen who died on duty, their bereaved families, and promotion of firemen′s welfare. 

On March 14, Hyosung, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), and Hyundai Motor Group held the first ″Sharing for All″ Project event at Bukbu Fire Station, Ulsan. 

The event was held with the following people in attendance: Hyosung Chairman CHO Hyun-joon, KCCI Chairman CHEY Tae-won, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman CHUNG Eui-sun, National Fire Agency Acting Administrator NAM Hwa-yeong,  Ulsan Vice Mayor for Economy AHN Hyo-dae, etc. 

Hyosung′s donation will be spent on scholarship for the bereaved children of firemen who died in the line of duty, healing camp for bereaved families, promotion of firemen′s welfare such as improvement of firemen′s working conditions, etc. Hyundai Motor Group donated eight buses that will be used for firemen′s rest and recovery. 

″The Hyosung Group was reborn as a world-class business specializing in materials, having started from its factory in Ulsan. We are deeply grateful to the firemen working hard for a safe environment,″ Chairman CHO Hyun-joon said.  

He added, ″It′s sad that recently there have been cases in which the precious lives of firemen have been lost. Safety should be regarded as the most important value and the people working hard to protect the safety of people deserve our respect and gratitude.″ 

Finally, he vowed to strive to see how firemen′s welfare could be promoted and work with others to cope with social issues seriously as a businessman. 

KCCI′s Entrepreneurship Round Table (ERT) was launched last year by business leaders to encourage each other to join in the effort to cope with social issues and fulfill their role as members of the community. Seven hundred-plus business leaders have joined. 

Started with Hyosung and Hyundai Motor Group playing a leading role, the ″Sharing for All″ Project is participated in by ERT member businesses for social contribution activities. 

The first of said project is being carried out to provide financial support for hardworking firemen. ERT member businesses including Hyosung and Hyundai Motor Group donated about 5.5 billion won for the project. 

Hyosung is carrying out social contribution programs based on the three themes of support for less privileged people, culture/arts, and war veterans under the vision of ″We will be with you through the spirit of sharing.″ The company does what it can to provide financial support for the rehabilitation of handicapped children, education of those who have a handicapped sibling, handicapped artists, houses for war veterans, etc.

Hyosung also donated funds for victims of torrential rain in the Central Area in August 2022, victims of forest fire in Gangwon-do in March 2022, effort to overcome COVID-10 in 2020, etc. 

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