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Hyosung TNC's PET bottle collection campaign spreading throughout the company Mar.08, 2023

Hyosung TNC will start encouraging employees to join in the effort to collect PET bottles this year as it did last year as part of its eco-friendly campaign and bid for mutual growth with subcontractors.

On March 8, the Company said that it recently started Season 2 of the Regen Recycling Campaign with employees taking part.

Under said campaign, the Company presents bags made with Regen, which is recycled fiber, to the participating employees. The campaign is carried out twice, i.e., once in the first half and then in the second half of the year.

In 2022, the Company′s HQ started the campaign and collected about 9,000 PET bottles. This year, the campaign is being spread to workplaces in Ulsan, Gumi, Daegu, etc. with 15,000 PET bottles targeted. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 70 pine trees a year.

Through the campaign, the Company intends to achieve mutual growth with leading startups making goods with Regen. This year, the Company will have ″PLEATSMAMA″ and ″HARLIE K″, which are well-known eco-friendly fashion brands enjoying immense popularity among MZ generations, provide goods made with Regen to distribute them to employees taking part in the campaign.

″Hyosung TNC has an ambitious plan of setting an eco-friendly fabrics trend in the global market and securing its position as a leading eco-friendly business,″ Chairman CHO Hyun-joon said.

Hyosung TNC achieved success in a campaign for using tumblers to reduce the use of paper cups at work in 2021 with the positive response from employees. 

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