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GALAXIA NEXT signs MOU with Hyosung TNS for cooperation in NFT service Feb.13, 2023

GALAXIA NEXT (President SHIN Dong Hoon), the business operating the country′s representative NFT platform MetaGalaxia, said on February 13 that it signed a partnership agreement with Hyosung TNS (President SOHN Hyunsik) for mutual cooperation in NFT service. Hyosung TNS is operating NFTtown, a portal service specializing in NFT.

The MOU enables MetaGalaxia members to access NFTtown′s news contents firsthand at MetaGalaxia. The service is expected to be invigorated further through new inflows with the introduction of new NFT projects, etc. issued by MetaGalaxia to NFTtown.

MetaGalaxia is a curation-based NFT market platform issuing/selling NFT using wide-ranging IP through cooperation with diverse artists, businesses, culture/art institutions, etc. It provides new values to customers by expanding business models to utility NFT that people can use in daily life such as coupons and tickets in addition to digital art. Users′ accessibility has also been enhanced by expanding the means of payment to cell phone-based payment of small amounts, inter-account transfer, etc. in addition to digital currencies like GALAXIA (GXA), Ethereum, KLAY, etc.

NFTtown is an NFT portal service that enables users to see all information including business news and the status of NFT transactions and provides a variety of contents under the premise that users pay visits to ″town″ so that they may access NFT—which is deemed difficult—more easily. NFTtown is making preparations for diverse special events in keeping with the service launch scheduled for March, planning to offer gifts to participants. It will also upload short-form video contents targeting the MZ generation and develop the relevant mobile app within the year.

 ″We expect said service to be invigorated further through the close cooperation between the two businesses, and we′ll exert stronger influence on the NFT market. We plan to expand the NFT network of cooperation gradually based on this partnership,″ GALAXIA NEXT President SHIN Dong Hoon said.

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