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Hyosung Heavy Industries helps its subcontractors build safety/health management systems Jan.27, 2023

Hyosung Heavy Industries has started taking steps to help subcontractors establish their safety/health management systems.

The Company intends to provide subcontractors with free consulting on their safety/health management systems and help them improve the status of their workers′ safety and working conditions. This is in response to the need to enhance the level of safety management consciousness on the part of management and workers of subcontractors and improve their safety management capability by pre-checking the relevant risk factors.  

On January 27, the Company signed a contract with a legal corporation, DR & AJU, for consulting on subcontractors′ safety/health management systems. Subcontractors will receive certification when they are recognized as being equipped with an adequate safety management system after a process of checking/consulting on 100-plus items of evaluation by a team of judges specializing in safety/health. Those that have acquired the certification will be treated favorably by the Company in the evaluation of subcontractors. The process is expected to result in a more substantial site-oriented safety management system. The number of subcontractors that acquire the certification is expected to reach 50-plus this year.  

Meanwhile, the Company is making a guidebook for subcontractors′ ESG management to help subcontractors strengthen their ESG management and is continuing the relevant education and consulting. Since 2016, it has provided facilities and cleaning vehicles for the removal of dust at workplaces and taken steps to improve lighting at workplaces and provide lounges for workers in an effort to improve the working environment. This year, the Company will pour more effort into the establishment of adequate safety management systems at subcontractors and the strengthening of their ESG management.  

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