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Hyosung Heavy Industries recognized as a leading business in low-carbon management Feb.09, 2023

Hyosung Heavy Industries has been recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) as a business setting an example for others to follow in the realization of low-carbon green growth.

The Company will receive ′Carbon Management Sector Honors′ from CDP at the ″2022 CDP Climate change and Water Security Award Ceremony″ to be held at Hotel Glad Yeouido, Seoul on February 10th. The Carbon Management Sector Honors is an award presented to the business that garnered the highest grade in the CDP appraisal each year. The Company got an A- grade in the appraisal for the year 2022. 

The Company garnered said grade as it prepared for the low-carbon era proactively. The Company has strived to lead others in hydrogen economy, building a hydrogen plant in Yongyeon, Ulsan in 2021 and expanding its hydrogen refueling station operation across the country. In the electric power sector in particular, it has concentrated on the development of and investment in eco-friendly products, emphasizing the need for carbon neutrality earlier than others. As a result, it has secured the position of leading others in the low-carbon era, developing the Energy Storage System (ESS) and eco-friendly transformers/gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), etc.

 ″We are happy to receive the prestigious award, which we regard as recognition for our continued efforts in ESG management. We will continue pushing such activities and expanding them to carbon emission management in our overseas corporations,″ President Yokota Takeshi of the Company said. 

CDP is a London-based non-profit institution that provides investing financial institutions with information on the evaluation of major listed businesses in 91 countries concerning their strategies for coping with climate change and their GHG emissions, carbon management strategies, etc. 

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