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Hyosung TNC makes its foray into eco-friendly textile at the world's largest outdoor fashion expo Nov.29, 2022

Hyosung TNC has started making its foray into the eco-friendly outdoor market of Europe as a global trendsetter in eco-friendly textiles.

Hyosung TNC introduced an array of eco-friendly textiles for outdoor fashion at the ISPO (Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode) Munich 2022 held from Nov. 28 to Nov. 30. 

Held annually since 1970, ISPO is the world′s largest outdoor/sports fashion expo with 500-plus businesses from 110 countries in attendance. 

At this year′s expo, Hyosung TNC introduced the nylon recycled textile ″MIPAN regen ocean″ and ″creora® bio-based,″ a bio spandex fiber that the Company successfully developed and commercialized ahead of competitors as part of the effort to cope proactively with the rapidly increasing market needs for eco-friendly textiles. 

In 2007, Hyosung TNC became the world′s first business to succeed in the development of recycled nylon textiles using waste fishing nets. Said to be the No.1 single item causing environmental pollution, waste fishing nets account for 46% of huge waste islands floating on the Pacific Ocean. 

Seeing the rise in the eco-friendly needs of global outdoor/fashion businesses using nylon textiles as main raw materials, Hyosung TNC has prepared a depolymerization facility for the recycling of nylon in its factory in Ulsan to occupy the market ahead of its competitors. The factory plans to start the production line with production capacity of 3,600 tons a year in December.

A depolymerization facility refers to a facility for the chemical decomposition of waste fishing nets for the production of caprolactam, a raw material used for the production of nylon. With the operation of said facility in earnest, Hyosung TNC will have an assembly line for the production of nylon recycled textiles using waste fishing nets.

At the ISPO Munich 2022, the Company introduced ″waste fishing net edition″ bags and apparel made of MIPAN regen ocean in cooperation with PLEATSMAMA, a domestic eco-friendly fashion and accessory startup. PLEATSMAMA′s waste fishing net edition features goods made of waste fishing nets collected from the sea off the country′s South Coast. The goods will be on the market for ordinary consumers in December.

″Creora® bio-based,″ the world′s first bio spandex made of corn extracts made in cooperation with global sportswear business PANGAIA, was introduced to the European market for the first time. The ″Activewear 3.0″ introduced this time is expected to be an eco-friendly trendsetter in the sportswear market. The eco-friendly effects (e.g., carbon reduction, resource saving, ozone protection, etc.) of ″Creora® bio-based″ were certified by LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of the United States.

″ISPO provides us with a good opportunity to introduce our sheer technological prowess leading others in the eco-friendly textile sector. We will strive to remain a leader in the global eco-friendly market through continued investment, R&D, and proactive coping with customers′ demand,″ Hyosung TNC President Kim Chi-Hyung said, commenting on the matter.   

Hyosung TNC also caught the attention of those from global businesses and ordinary visitors at the ISPO Munich 2022 by introducing goods such as Osprey and Mystery Rach backpacks made of ″MIPAN regen robic,″ a super-durable recycled nylon fabric.

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