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Hyosung Social Work Volunteers resume activities for children with disabilities Sep.29, 2022

Hyosung Social Work Volunteers engaged in the work of taking care of children with disabilities of a municipally run child care center named Janggunbong at a kids′ café in Bongcheon-dong, Seoul.

Said volunteers resumed their activities after two years of absence due to COVID-19, taking care of children including toddlers and infants engaging in ball pool, magnet experiments, and climbing.

The team of Hyosung′s volunteers started its activities in May 2013, lending support for children at the municipally run Janggunbong Child Care Center by paying a visit there at least once a month.

They had to stop their activities in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19. Instead, they launched Theme Day, which included a program carried out monthly within the facility for children including igloo, bumper car, dinosaur play, etc. They strived to build affinity among the children, disabled and non-disabled alike.

Meanwhile, on September 23, Hyosung held a fall trip wherein family members of children with disabilities spent time with those of employees. Hyosung also engages in activities of sharing with the disabled including providing support for the production of barrier-free films for the visually/hearing-impaired.

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