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Hyosung distributes rice to those in need in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Jul.19, 2022


On July 18, Hyosung distributed five-hundred 20kg sacks of rice to those in need in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

The sacks of rice distributed as part of Hyosung′s ′Rice of love′ campaign will be delivered to a total of 500 households with the support of the Mapo-Gu Office. This is part of the charitable campaigns carried out by Hyosung twice a year for the past 17 years since 2006 for those in need in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Hyosung has purchased the sacks of rice from the Gunbuk Agricultural Cooperative in Haman-gun, Gyeongnam, which is Hyosung′s affiliated village. It could be said that Hyosung kills two birds with one stone by helping farmers sell their harvested rice and distributing good-quality rice to residents of Mapo-gu.

Hyosung strives to provide support for the underprivileged class under the slogan ″We will be with you through the spirit of sharing.″ Last June, Hyosung provided support funds to the Eden Welfare Foundation, a social enterprise striving to find jobs for those with disabilities, and daily necessities and concert tickets to senior citizens of national merit through the Nambu Branch of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs.



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