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Hyosung Takes Non-Disabled Siblings on a Healing Outing in Incheon Jul.11, 2022


Hyosung took the siblings of children with disabilities on a healing outing to help them improve their mental wellbeing and relieve stress.
Hyosung and the Purme Foundation announced on July 11, 2022 that they invited 15 siblings of children with disabilities to an outing event that took place in Songdo, Chinatown and other places in Incheon Metropolitan City on July 9, 2022.
Normally in families with children with disabilities, financial and human resources tend to concentrate on children with disabilities rather than non-disabled siblings. As a result, non-disabled siblings can often feel left out, while struggling with a sense of responsibility and burden. This outing event was intended to help them relieve some stress in a healthy environment and enjoy fun experiences.
″I′ve been mostly stuck at home because of the pandemic. I had so much fun with the group at the event and was able to unwind and relieve stress,″ a participating member said.
Hyosung has been working with the Purme Foundation for ten years since 2013 to financially help children with disabilities in need of rehabilitation. This year, Hyosung donated KRW 150 million to the foundation. In addition, Hyosung organizes other events for these siblings of children with disabilities, including educational programs, psychological therapy services, and year-end musical concerts. The company plans to take families of Hyosung employees and children with disabilities on a trip together for a three- day getaway this fall.

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