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Hyosung TNC's Regen® (eco-friendly recycled fiber) also used to make eco-cooler bags May.26, 2022



Hyosung TNC disclosed that it will introduce the eco-cooler bags made by Hyundai Department Store using Regen® (eco-friendly recycled fiber) starting May 27.

Hyundai Department Store selected Regen, whose eco-friendliness and quality have been recognized, for the premium daybreak delivery service provided by its To Home Mall where eco-cooler bags are to be used.

″We and Hyundai Department Store have come to work together to introduce cooler bags that reflect the recent trend for eco-friendliness, seeing the increase in the number of ′meaning-out′ consumers (referring to those willing to reflect their belief and value to consumption),″ a Hyosung TNC official said.

Consumers may purchase To Home′s cooler bag made with Regen when ordering food, and the bag can be used several times.

 ″This has been a case of applying eco-friendly fiber goods in people′s daily lives beyond fashion goods. We plan to work with many other brands as part of our effort to keep up with the eco-friendly trend,″ Hyosung TNC president Kim Chi-hyung said.

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