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Becomes the country's first business to develop LPIT/MU for the full digital substation and to export them May.30, 2022



Hyosung Heavy Industries has succeeded in the commercialization of LPIT (Low-Power Instrument Transformer) and MU (Merging Unit) for digital GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), the first of its kind ever introduced in the country.

Hyosung Heavy Industries-made LPIT and MU have passed the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)-based international certification test. Said development has significance in terms of its effect of replacing existing imported goods and enhancing the company′s technological competitiveness through the in-house production of digital breakers in keeping with the global trend for digital substation and intelligent power transmission/distribution infrastructure. The markets for LPIT and MU, which are core goods for the establishment of IEC 61850-9-2-based full digital substation, have been dominated by global businesses.

LPIT made by Hyosung Heavy Industries is a product that uses all-in-one voltage/current sensors within the GIS module, and it has the following advantages compared to the existing iron-core current transformers: △ high level of precision; △ reduction of volume and SF6 gas amount by  60%; △ economization of the quantity of control cable and tray through digitalization of data communication infrastructure; △ easy application of new technologies such as preventive diagnosis and asset management system; and △ effect of reducing the required space through the reduction of control/protection panel.

Depending on the GIS design conditions, customers may select the shape (module/space type) of LPIT products and add diverse functions like protection/control to MU.

Hyosung Heavy Industries plans to cope with customers′ diverse demands proactively by applying same technology to power facility sectors like eco-switchgear and transformers.

Following the achievement of the feat of producing LPIT and MU on its own, Hyosung Heavy Industries signed a contract for the supply of 132kV digital GIS with Landsnet of Iceland; thus laying the groundwork for making forays into the European market for full digital substations.

″We intend to make forays into the global power supply market by continuing to develop the relevant technologies and increase investment in preparation for the power supply market at home and abroad, which is changing based on the eco-friendly/digital trend,″ a Hyosung Heavy Industries official said.

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