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Hyosung strives to get back your beautiful smile for you Apr.28, 2022


Hyosung strives to help the disabled get back their beautiful smile through the dental service on wheels.

On April 27, Hyosung donated KRW 20 million to a program designed to provide support for dental service on wheels for the disabled by paying a visit to Nexon Children′s Rehabilitation Hospital run by the Purme Foundation in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The donated fund is to be spent for dental service and oral health education on wheels.

This year, Hyosung and the Purme Foundation will work together to provide said service for the 310-plus disabled at welfare facilities. Hyosung started to provide dental service on wheels such as this to the disabled in 2017.

Hyosung engages in a variety of social contribution activities designed to help the disabled with rehabilitation. They include support for operation of barrier-free cinemas for the disabled and provision of support fund for Onnuri Sarang Chamber Orchestra, etc.


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