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Hyosung Provides Green Industrial Materials Dec.22, 2021


Hyosung Advanced Materials provided green seat belt material and carbon fiber for the work of global artist ′KANGHYUK.′
The new ′KANGHYUK′ works of art have been created to commemorate the launch of a premium EV brand in the Korean market. KANGHYUK has turned Hyosung seat belt material and other green industrial materials used in the EV into artistic sculptures.   The attempt is highly regarded for its melting of the distinct characteristics of industrial materials, such as Hyosung eco-friendly seat belt material and carbon fiber, into the artworks while showcasing a new aspect of industrial materials through its experimental grating of the materials into artistic design.
This is not the first collaboration between Hyosung and KANGHYUK. In May, Hyosung Advanced Materials supplied airbag fabric to KANGHYUK free of charge and KANGHYUK presented a total of 23 collections including ski suit-like clothing. Hyosung TNC also conducted a collaboration with KANGHYUK by providing it with various functional materials such as ′Regen′ fibers made of recycled transparent PET bottles. In June, KANGHYUK presented artworks made from Hyosung industrial materials used for automobile airbags and industrial hinges among others at an exhibition entitled ′REPEAT′ held at FOUNDRY SEOUL in Hannam-dong.
′KANGHYUK′ is a global artist brand launched by Choi Kang-hyeok and Son Sang-rak who were master′s students majoring in men′s wear at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, UK. In 2019, KANGHYUK was selected as a semi-finalist of the 2019 LVMH (LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) Prize, drawing attention from people around the world. KANGHYUK makes clothes using waste car airbags, discarded nylon, and polyester as part of its attempt to realize ′sustainability,′ which is a hot topic around the world, in the world of fashion, receiving plenty of requests for collaboration from the fashion world and related businesses.

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