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Hyosung TNC's Regen selected for Hyundai Heavy Industries Group's work uniform Dec.16, 2021

Hyosung TNC′s eco-friendly recycled textile, Regen®, will be used in the work uniforms for the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group.

□ Hyosung TNC signing an MOU for the Regen Project with Hyundai Heavy Industries Group′s Hyundai LIVART
Hyosung TNC signed on December 17 an MOU with Hyundai Heavy Industries Group′s Hyundai LIVART for the Regen Project to recycle waste PET bottles collected from the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group.
The collaboration was designed to introduce eco-friendly work uniforms made of recycled resources to increase workers′ awareness of eco-friendliness and establish a virtuous resource recycling system to promote sustainable consumption and production.
Hyosung TNC′s Regen Project is a leading eco-friendly project in Korea that produces recycled polyester fibers, such as Regen Seoul, Regen Jeju, and Regen Ocean, in collaboration with municipalities and manufactures clothes and bags jointly with eco-friendly fashion brands.
In addition to the collaboration with Hyundai LIVART, Hyosung is expanding its collaboration with major companies such as signing an MOU for the Gwangyang Bay Resource Circulation Project with POSCO and Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority in August.

□  Manufacture of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group′s work uniforms made of eco-friendly, recycled resources with Regen
Under the MOU, the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group will establish a separate discharge and screening system for waste PET bottles in each workplace.
Hyosung TNC plans to recycle the collected waste PET bottles to produce Regen, the eco-friendly recycled textile, and Hyundai LIVART will use it to manufacture eco-friendly, resource-recycled work uniforms. The new work uniforms will be introduced to the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group′s workplaces in June next year.
Eco-friendly bags and clothing made from Hyosung TNC′s Regen are gaining sensational popularity nowadays among consumers who prefer "value consumption.″ On December 3, Hyosung collaborated with modern hanbok brand Leesle to introduce more than 10 trendy hanbok dresses made of Regen.

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