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Hyosung TNC participates in eco-friendly project in Jeju beach Oct.08, 2021


Hyosung TNC, in conjunction with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju Tourism Organization, will participate in an eco-friendly project to be held in Iho Tewoo Beach on Jeju Island.
Hyosung TNC will participate in the ′Filter Project′, an eco-friendly pop-up exhibition/store in Iho Tewoo Beach. The event will be hosted by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and organized by the Jeju Tourism Organization for two weeks from October 10 to 23. Hyosung TNC will supply recycled fibers ′Regen Jeju (regen® jeju)′ and ′Regen (regen®)′ for large banners and bags to be introduced in the project.
The Filter pop-up exhibition/store will consist of a photo zone where visitors can take pictures against the backdrop of large banners made of Regen Jeju and a pop-up space where visitors can buy bags and other products made of recycled materials. The bags were made of clothes donated by Nike and Regen.
The Filter Project was designed to raise awareness of the importance of the environment by recreating the beach area of Iho Tewoo, which draw few visitors in non-summer months.
Regen Jeju used in the project is a recycled fiber brand made of PET bottles collected by Hyosung TNC, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju Island Development Corporation from the Jeju area.
It is the third time that Hyosung TNC has participated in a project that utilizes eco-friendly fibers on Jeju Island. Last year, the company rolled out Regen Jeju bags with Pleats Mama and clothes with North Face.
Hyosung TNC CEO Kim Yong-seup said, "As a leading company in eco-friendly textile materials, we will continue to pay attention to environmental issues and endeavor to develop eco-friendly products."
Meanwhile, Hyosung TNC is working to raise awareness of marine environmental protection by producing ′Regen Ocean′, a polyester fiber recycled from waste bottles coming from incoming and outgoing ships, and ′Mipan Regen Ocean′, a nylon fiber recycled from waste fishing nets.

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