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Hyosung to support AI caring robots for people of national merit May.31, 2021


Hyosung is sponsoring the non-face-to-face support with AI caring robot project for elderly veterans′ families through the Southern Seoul Veterans Affairs Office.
On May 31, Hyosung delivered a donation of 40 million won to the Southern Seoul Veterans Affairs Office. This donation will be used for non-face-to-face customized care services for people of national merit and veterans′ families. The program was created to support elderly veterans living alone who have limited face-to-face activities due to COVID-19.
The AI caring robot will be delivered to veterans registered with the Southern Seoul Veterans Affairs Office. Deundeun and Bohun, the AI robots, will help the elderly living alone and veterans′ families with 24-hour life management, meals, medications, and reminders for hospital reservations. Moreover, they are equipped with safety management functions that can respond to an emergency with motion sensors considering the age of the people they are supporting.
Hyosung has been carrying out patriotic and social contribution programs, such as ″Exploring the historical treasures″ and ″Delivery of living necessities″ for veterans and people of national merit for four years since 2017. On May 4, the company provided non-face-to-face oral health education, customized preventive healthcare education, and support for dental treatment expenses for the children with developmental disabilities at Purme Foundation′s Nexon Children′s Rehabilitation Hospital as part of its social contribution activities for neighbors suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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