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Hyosung carries on with support for underprivileged on Seollal holiday despite COVID-19 Feb.04, 2021


Hyosung Group has been participating in social contribution programs on the occasion of Seollal which are tailored for the underprivileged who are undergoing a hard time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
On Feb. 2, Hyosung donated 10 million won to the "2021 Tteokguk of Love Sharing" event organized by the Friends of Love charity. The "Tteokguk of Love" kits, prepared with donations from Hyosung and other donors, were to be delivered to families where children live only with grandparents, where there is a disabled member, where children live without parents or grandparents and where an elderly person lives alone. Hyosung has been supporting the ″Sharing Tteokguk of Love″ for 14 years since 2008.
On Feb. 4, Hyosung held a ceremony for "Sharing Daily Necessities of Love" at the Ahyeon-dong Community Center in Mapo-gu, where the group′s headquarters is located. Hyosung delivered tuna and ham sets to 400 vulnerable households in Ahyeon-dong.
Under the vision of its social contribution programs -- "We Will Be Together by Sharing," Hyosung is carrying out diverse programs to help the local underprivileged people. It is providing regularly "Rice of Love" and "Kimjang Kimchi of Love" for the vulnerable in Mapo-gu. It is also supporting education of young students by donating fund to the Mapo Scholarship Foundation which supports youths in the underprivileged families.

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