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Hyosung engages in year-end charity activity in Mapo-gu Dec.29, 2020


Hyosung is engaging in a year-end charity activity for the Mapo-gu residents as a contribution to the community, which is suffering difficulties due to COVID-19.
Hyosung held yet another "Sharing Essentials with Neighbor" event on December 29 at the community service center of Ahyeon-dong of Mapo-gu where the headquarters of the group are located. The company donated gift sets of canned tuna and ham to 200 disadvantaged households in Ahyeon-dong. Since 2015, Hyosung has been holding the "Sharing Essentials with Neighbor" event 4 times a year for the residents of Mapo-gu, and a total of 1,800 families have benefitted from the event for 6 years now.
Also on the 18th and in time for Christmas, the company produced and delivered disinfection kits for the disabled youth and their families with the support of the Purme Foundation, which is also sponsored by the company. The kits, consisting of KF 94 face mask, health supplementary foods, rice, and hygiene goods so that the youth and their families can protect themselves in the COVID-19 era, were delivered in a contactless manner.
"This year has been massively difficult for many people due to COVID-19, and we believe these are the very times when a company should fulfill its social responsibility for the community. I′m sorry that this event had to be "contactless" to prevent COVID-19, but we do hope that our sincerity will be felt by the Mapo-gu people," a Hyosung representative said.

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