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Hyosung ITX Joined Forces with SAP Korea to Deliver Next-Gen Smart Factory Solutions Dec.08, 2020

Hyosung ITX joins hands with SAP Korea, a global IT company to build next-generation smart factories for Hyosung Group.
Hyosung ITX announced on Dec. 8th that it has signed an MOU with SAP Korea at the SAP Design App Haus in Pangyo to join forces to build smart factory solutions together. 
Smart factory solutions refer to a systematic approach to the collection and analysis of various data from the entire process including manufacturing, production, and sales to help make critical decisions fast and accurately.
With the agreement, Hyosung ITX can bolster its future forecasting features by combining SAP′s customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and SAP subsidiary Qualtrics′ experience management solutions with its production management solutions called ′XTRM FACTORY′ that it developed in 2018 and has installed in Hyosung Group′s numerous industrial sites at home and abroad.
Equipped with SAP solutions, Hyosung ITX will be able to classify its customers more systematically based on a database of customers′ buying pattern analysis, forecast their future preference and tastes, and respond to the changes proactively.
Hyosung ITX Managing Director Tak Jeong-mi said, ″This MOU execution is significant in that it can greatly enhance our capabilities to conduct integrated sales-manufacturing-purchase monitoring and develop predictive functional solutions,″ adding, ″Through the integration of the two companies′ solutions, we can not only boost work efficiency at Hyosung Group′s various domestic and overseas business sites but also create synergistic effects in establishing an advanced digital production environment.″
SAP Korea Vice President Kim Beom-jae said, ″Through the MOU, SAP Korea expects to help Hyosung ITX apply advanced customer insights to all its business areas from product design to service to asset management to be able to boost its business value.″
Hyosung ITX is planning to lighten its data load based on SAP Korea and Cloud ERP (S/4HANA) solutions to be able to visualize images more quickly on either a web or mobile environment while maintaining security upon accessing systems in any circumstances in a bid to continue expanding its efforts for digital transformation (conversion).


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