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HYOSUNG ITX obtains patent related to its call center's work-at-home system, showing its status as a leader in the age of "untact." Sep.04, 2020


On September 4, HYOSUNG ITX, an affiliate of the HYOSUNG Group specializing in information technology (IT), announced that it has obtained three patents related to the Smart Contact Center′s swift conversion to work-at-home.

The said system is expected to go a long way to reduce COVID-19-related infection by coping with the need for the Contact Center′s swift conversion to work-at-home in connection with the vulnerability to infection caused by the densely populated workplaces and the consulting business requiring face-to-face sessions with customers.

The three patents obtained by HYOSUNG ITX are: △ expansion of information infrastructure ; △ realtime linkage with remoter terminals ; △ Integrated operation of consultants working in office and those working at home ; △ and information security-related technology, all for realization of the Smart Contact Center System.

HYOSUNG ITX′s Smart Contact Center System is designed to help consultants to carry out their business on a remote basis regardless of where they are, using mobile devices and helping businesses to monitor the status of their business operation on a real-time basis.

At the end of last year, HYOSUNG ITX, jointly with Samsung Electronics, introduced Smart Contact Center Solution to the market based on the said patented technology.

Commenting on the matter, a HYOSUNG ITX official said, ″Customers′ voices are being raised concerning the need for Contact Center′s conversion to work-at-home amid the continued spread of COVID-19. We are doing what we can to cope with changes in the market based on our sheer technological prowess including these patented technologies.″

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