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HYOSUNG provides scholarship fund to 120-plus students from less-privileged households in Mapo-gu, Seoul Jul.13, 2020


The HYOSUNG Group provided a sum of KRW 20 million to the Mapo Scholarship Foundation on July 10. The fund is to be provided to 20-plus students with good grades, those from less-privileged households, and those with sporting abilities as in Mapo-gu, Seoul.
This is part of the annual event held by HYOSUNG since 2015. So far, the Group has provided a total of KRW 120 million in scholarship funds to 120 students.
″We are grateful that HYOSUNG has provided such financial aid for local students in Mapo as part of its activities aimed at sharing with the local community. We will see to it that the aid fund is spent as intended by HYOSUNG and strive to provide other types of aid to local students experiencing difficulties,″ said President Park Hong-seop of the Mapo Scholarship Foundation during the event.

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