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Hyosung has been sponsoring ROK 1 Corps ("Gwanggaeto Corps") for the last 10 years. Jul.02, 2020


Hyosung visited the ROK 1 Corps (Gwanggaeto Corps) and delivered a contribution and provided care packages for them.
Hyosung′s money contribution and care packages, which are worth about KRW 44,000,000, will be used to strengthen the soldiers′ physical strength and boost their morale while being in this hot weather.
In 2010, Hyosung established a sisterhood relationship (one company for one barrack) with ROK 1 Corps, who are in charge of defending the northern part of the capital and also the western front. Since then, every year the company has continued to sponsor the soldiers through delivering money contribution and supporting their book café facility for the development of the Corps.
Meanwhile, Hyosung has also supported the Eden Welfare Foundation, where about 100 people with severe disabilities are working while using KRW 20 million to improve its facility. Hyosung′s donation will be used to renovate the new facilities such as adding new printers and recuperators, and it will also improve the working environment for the employees with disabilities.

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