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Hyosung to Make Eco-friendly Bag with 16 Samdasoo PET Bottles Apr.16, 2020


Regen (regen®), an environment-friendly fiber brand of Hyosung TNC, has joined hands with the Ministry of Environment (MOE), Jeju Province Development Co., etc. in order to expand the base of environment-friendly market using PET bottles.
□ Hyosung TNC, MOE, and Jeju Province have signed an MOU for the establishment of a resources circulation system.
Hyosung TNC has signed an MOU with the Ministry of Environment, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju Province Development Co., and Pleatsmama on April 13 for the implementation of ″Recycling for Rebirth,″ an environment-friendly project.
″Recycling for Rebirth″ is a project aimed at the establishment of a Recycling Eco-system in the Jeju area. Jeju Province Development Co. will collect the PET bottles thrown away in Jeju Province, and Hyosung TNC will produce ″Regen Jeju (regen®jeju),″ a recycled fiber, using the collected PET bottles based on its recycled fiber manufacturing technology. Pleatsmama Co., Ltd., a startup company that makes environment-friendly bags, is going to produce the final products using the fiber. The bags are planned to be released on June 5.
□ ″Regen Jeju,″ a recycled polyester product, will be made with the waste PET bottles thrown away in Jeju Province.
Despite the rapid growth of the global environment-friendly fashion market, the PET bottles collected in Korea were recycled for use as packing materials, etc. rather than production of clothing. 
Since the fiber used for clothes has to be pulled out in a long length, recycled PET chips with foreign substances cannot be used for clothes. For this reason, the recycled PET materials used for clothes have been imported from Japan, Taiwan, etc. where a good recycling system is established.  
Samdasoo is going to secure the raw materials appropriate for clothes and bags by collecting waste PET bottles separately in Jeju Province. It is possible to make an environment-friendly bag with 16 pieces of 500ml PET bottles.
Hyosung TNC and the Ministry of Environment expect the ″Recycling for Rebirth″ project to have the effect of import substitution of recycled plastic as well as increase the use of recycled items including PET bottles nationwide.
□ Chairman Cho Hyun-joon ″will expand eco-friendly businesses implementing Green Management Vision 2030.″
 ″Hyosung has implemented company-wide environment-friendly management according to ′Green Management Vision 2030.′ We will actively expand eco-friendly products including recycled low-carbon materials in all business divisions and develop new markets,″ Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon said. 
Hyosung TNC developed Regen (regen®), a recycled eco-friendly polyester fiber, in 2008 for the first time in Korea. The company has also acquired Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification in the same year for the first time in the world.

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