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Sebitseom strengthening contactless services Apr.29, 2020


Sebitseom, a cultural space of Han River, announced on April 29 that it is strengthening contactless services in an effort to cope with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic efficiently.

  Sebitseom has strengthened takeout service according to the guidelines of the government for ″social distancing″ so that customers can consume the food and beverage of Sebitseom at home with ease and safety.
Customers can take out the popular foods of buffet restaurant ″Chavit Cuisine″ including grilled short ribs, soy sauce-marinated crab, and ox foot soup as well as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese lunch boxes with popular foods including Korean assorted foods, Japanese sushi rolls, and Chinese dishes.
″Isola,″ the Italian restaurant in Sebitseom, introduced a takeout menu composed of 3 kinds of raw noodle pasta, 2 kinds of oven pizza, and risotto with free soda and French fries. 
In addition, as part of the ″Thanks Challenge″ commenced to root for and extend appreciation and respect for the medical staff who are struggling at the sites of COVID-19, Sebitseom is running the ″Blue Lighting Campaign″ wherein blue lighting, which symbolizes medical staff, is shone every Saturday until May 15th.
 ″We have prepared measures for the safe and convenient use of our services on the island while observing the guidelines of the government for the prevention of the pandemic through social distancing, etc.,″ a spokesperson for Sebitseom said.
Sebitseom is being operated by Hyosung TNC, and business establishments on the island include high-class buffet Chavit Cuisine, Italian restaurant Isola, dessert café Café Dolce, luxury yacht Golden Blue Marina, Tubester water leisure, FIC convention hall, and casual restaurant Vista.


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