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Hyosung Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho Stresses the Need to 'Heed' the Voice of Competitors beyond Customers Sep.10, 2019

Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho is emphasizing that the company should also “hear the voice of competitors” beyond the Voice of Customers (VOC), which is needed for customer-oriented management.

Since May of this year, Hyosung has teamed up with the global consulting firm A.T. Kearney for the “C-Cube Project” which establishes the digital VOC platform and operating system. Hyosung plans to finish the project by February next year and apply it to the entire company.

The C-Cube project will establish a customer response process based on big data with the aim to listen to the Voice of Customers (VOC), the Voice of Customer`s Customer (VOCC), and the Voice of Competitors (VOCO).

First, Hyosung has built a digital VOC platform in four performance units, such as spandex and tire cord, and began its operation on September 2. Hyosung, which is now able to check the VOC, including market and technical information as well as customer complaints and response status, in real-time, is expected to maximize synergies such as profitability improvement and new sales increase.

Seung-yong Cho, the CEO of A.T. Kearney who is in charge of this project, said, “This is the first case in the industry that a B2B company like Hyosung reflects customer insights into the overall management for innovation using a digital VOC platform. I firmly believe that the customer-centered management philosophy of Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho, who aims to satisfy end users beyond the company’s customers, will lead to profit generation and enhanced competitiveness.”

Meanwhile, Chairman Cho, who stressed in his New Year’s address that “The answer lies in customers. The VOC is the starting point for everything,” is spearheading Hyosung’s VOC efforts, such as attending the Interfiliere Paris exhibition held in Paris, France, in July.

*Cho Hyun-Joon is born in Seoul in 1968 and graduated from Saint Paul’s School in the U.S. He studied in the School of Political Science at Yale University and graduated with a master degree at Keio University, Graduate School of Law in Japan. He worked at Mitsubishi Corporation in Tokyo and Morgan Stanley Tokyo branch. In 1997, he joined Hyosung and was inaugurated as the Chairman of Hyosung Group in 2017.

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