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Hyosung to Hold SNS Event 'Earth Drawn by Us' May.10, 2019

Hyosung to Hold SNS Event ‘Earth Drawn by Us’ 

Hyosung is holding an SNS event titled “Green Earth Drawn by Us” for netizens from May 10 to 26.

Participants who share the posting of Hyosung’s eco-friendly idea contest “2019 Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung” will receive an AirPod or coffee vouchers as a giveaway through a draw.

If you would like to participate in the event, please visit Hyosung’s blog (http://blog.hyosung.com) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/myfriendhyosung).

Hyosung has continued to engage in various eco-friendly projects, such as polyketone produced with carbon monoxide in the chemical sector, a recycled polyester yarn “regen” in the textile sector, the hydrogen recharging station business in the heavy industry sector, and tire cord made with lyocell extracted from wood in the advanced materials sector. 

The “2019 Green Earth Drawn by Hyosung” contest is divided into three categories: Solutions to climate change including fine dust, eco-friendly ideas related to the hydrogen economy or Hyosung’s businesses, and the new video category. Applications will be received until May 31, and any college (graduate) students nationwide can participate.

Marking its third edition, Hyosung’s eco-friendly idea contest began in accordance with Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho’s belief in eco-friendly management and green management policies with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues among college (graduate) students and increasing communication with young talents.

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