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Hyosung to Establish Production Technology Center Apr.25, 2019

Hyosung to Establish Production Technology Center 

Hyosung announced on April 25 that it will establish a dedicated organization (production technology center) to improve production technology.

The production technology center is aimed at strengthening the group's technological competitiveness and fostering professionals for core technical elements by linking Hyosung R&DB Labs and factories (production unit). The center will not only review equipment related to production technology but also perform simulation and devise measures in response to any changes in design and specifications. This is designed to increase efficiency by reducing errors that may occur when applying R&DB Labs' research results to factories directly and to secure a professional workforce in preparation for future expansion.

Hyosung aims to establish the center in June with about 25 employees, including researchers at Hyosung R&DB Labs as well as technical and production team members of the textile, industrial materials, and chemicals plants.

Hyosung Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho has stressed the importance of technology since his inauguration by saying, "The proprietary materials developed by Hyosung are the basis of innovative products and the key to building the company's competitiveness ahead of rival companies. In order to improve the competitiveness of quality and products, we must have underlying technologies."

Led by Honorary Chairman Seok-Rae Cho, Hyosung established R&DB Labs, Korea's first private research institute, in 1971. Since then, R&DB Labs has been responsible for the research and development of chemical fibers, electronic materials, and industrial new materials. By developing original technologies for spandex and polyester tire cords, R&DB Labs laid the technological foundation for Hyosung's global No.1 products.

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