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Spring-Blossomed Some Sevit to Hold Its Second Spring Flower Festival Apr.22, 2019

Spring-Blossomed Some Sevit to Hold Its Second Spring Flower Festival 


Some Sevit will hold a spring flower festival titled "Sevit Spring Blossom" for about a month until May 26, where citizens and tourists who visit the Han River can enjoy spring to the fullest.

The Sevit spring flower festival which was first held last year received a lot of attention as it attracted a daily average of 3,000 people during the weekdays and more than 10,000 people during the weekends and holidays. This year, Some Sevit is decorated with spring flower pots inscribed with sense-awakening messages, a garden with 3,650 LED roses which symbolizes blossoming love every day, and a tunnel adorned with red roses, inviting visitors to a spring-filled atmosphere once again.

During the festival, "Sevit Flea Market," where merchants sell their handmade goods, is held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On weekend evenings, visitors can also enjoy free "Spring Flower Busking" performances of talented indie musicians, including PLZY, Blue Mangtto, and Seokman Cheon.

To mark Children's Day, Some Sevit will also hold various events for visitors with children from May 4 to 6, including giving out long-legged Pierrot balloons, a magic show, and a mime performance. On the same evenings, splendid fireworks will be seen across the spring night sky.

A Some Sevit official said, "We hope that visitors will be able to relax a while from their hectic daily lives while fully enjoying spring at Some Sevit. We will continue to prepare seasonal festivals where citizens and customers who visit the Han River can enjoy a fresh atmosphere each season."

Currently, a variety of shops are available at Some Sevit, which is run by Hyosung TNC, including premium buffet "Chavit Cuisine," Italian restaurant "Ola," handmade bakery cafe "Cafe Dolce," dessert cafe "Dolce Bambina," luxury yacht "Golden Blue Marina," "Tubester" for water leisure sports, "FIC" for weddings and banquets, and casual restaurant "Vista."

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