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Hyosung TNC to Participate in Daegu International Textile Fair (PID) for 18 Consecutive Years Apr.03, 2019

Join in Our SNS Event, ‘Hyosung Yêu ♡ Vietnam’! 

Hyosung is holding an SNS event titled ‘Hyosung Yêu♡ Vietam’ for netizens from April 3 to 14.

If you leave encouraging messages to Vietnamese children who are sponsored by Hyosung employees, Hyosung will deliver your messages along with gifts to the children. For the netizens who left messages, we will give away an AirPod or Consoc coffee (squirrel coffee) through a draw.

If you would like to participate in the event, please visit Hyosung’s blog(http://blog.hyosung.com) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/myfriendhyosung).

Since last year, Hyosung employees have been supporting some 150 children in Kon Plông, Kon Tum Province, a central mountainous region in Vietnam, through a regular monthly sponsorship of 1 to 1 donation matching. Through a ‘matching grant,’ the company also donates the same amount of money as the donation from its employees for regional development projects, including improvement of school environments and sponsorship for libraries, for around 700 school children and residents in Kon Plông.

Since 2008, Hyosung has been operating a production base for its major products, including spandex, which the company is ranked No.1 in the global market, as well as tire cord, in Nhon Trach Industrial Zone in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Hyosung has also engaged in various social contribution activities, such as Smile Expedition that provides medical services to more than 1,000 residents every year and building local libraries.

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