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Hyosung TNC to Participate in Daegu International Textile Fair (PID) for 18 Consecutive Years Mar.07, 2019

Hyosung TNC announced on March 7 that it is taking part in the “2019 Daegu International Textile Fair: Preview in Daegu (PID)” in EXCO for three days from March 6. Since 2002, Hyosung TNC has participated in this event for the 18th consecutive year by opening joint exhibition booths with its partner firms.

Hyosung TNC is introducing a number of highly functional and soft textiles during this year’s exhibition. Top global spandex brand creora® presents products including creora® eco-soft that can be manufactured in lower temperatures compared to regular spandex, thereby offering a soft feel and saving energy, as well as creora® Color+ which boasts vivid colors and a comfortable fit.

The company will also introduce high-functional nylon and polyester brands, including cool touch yarn MIPAN aqua-X with UV-blocking effects and aeroheat, a heat generating polyester fiber that absorbs light to radiate thermal energy, as well as eco-friendly products such as regen, a polyester yarn made by recycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. In addition to garment fibers, high value-added new materials that Hyosung successfully developed and commercialized with its own technology, such as carbon fiber TANSOME® and aramid fiber ALKEX®, will also be on display.

Hyosung TNC will participate in this fair together with 11 partner companies, Mikwang, Bo Kwang, Samsung Trading, Corona Textile, Dae Kyung Tex, SK Tex, Daewoong FNT, Donghwa Textile, Sun Il, Hyunjin Knit, and Sejong TF, and provide consulting and sales support in helping its partners discover and expand markets.

CEO Kim Yong-seup said, “This year, Hyosung TNC is exerting efforts to expand channels through which we can listen to customers’ voices directly with the aim maximizing customer satisfaction. We will lead the market by developing differentiated products that reflect customers’ needs.”

Meanwhile, Hyosung TNC plans to hold Creora Workshops mainly in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in March and April to share the latest textile technology trends with global partners as well as to establish cooperative relations in pursuit of joint development of fabrics targeting the global fashion industry.

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