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Hyosung TNC to Present Its First Collaboration with Austrian Textile Company 'Lenzing' Feb.01, 2019

Hyosung TNC to Present Its First Collaboration with Austrian Textile Company ‘Lenzing’ 


Hyosung TNC will present fabrics and products made of Hyosung’s functional textiles at ‘ISPO 2019,’ the world’s largest sports and outdoor exhibition held in Munich, Germany for four days from February 3. At ISPO, in which more than 2,800 exhibitors from some 120 countries participate, Hyosung TNC presents its products for the second time after last year.

Hyosung TNC will introduce its newly developed fabrics and clothing made of Hyosung TNC Spandex as well as nylon and polyester fibers under four themes: “Protect the Body” from climate change and pollution, “Sustainable” fashion, clothes that can be worn in everyday “Urban Life,” and “Spotlight” items that reflect the latest fashion trends.

In particular, Hyosung will showcase new fabrics jointly developed with Lenzing, an Austrian textile company, at an exhibition hall with the slogan “CONNECTED BEYOND,” which means they will go beyond limited boundaries together. The collection includes a combination of Lenzing™ Ecovero™ with creora® eco-soft that can be produced at lower temperatures compared to regular spandex, thereby saving energy, as well as a blend of TENCEL™Modal with creora® PowerFit and creora® Black. These fabrics are drawing a lot of attention as they were also selected as top 10 products at the ISPO Textrend Award.

In the fashion industry, customers are increasingly seeking to consume “ethical and environmentally friendly values” by purchasing products whose raw materials and manufacturing processes minimized negative impacts on nature. Lenzing is the world's largest producer of recycled textiles, mainly made from biodegradable wood pulp, and has strict raw material procurement policies, such as prohibiting the use of wood from highland forests, endangered forests, and areas of high conservation value. Hyosung TNC will actively offer solutions that can realize “value consumption” of customers by manufacturing fabrics in collaboration with Lenzing as well as designing clothes made of such fabrics.

Hyosung Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho said, “As Hyosung’s ultimate goal is to maximize customer satisfaction, we will strive to enhance communications with customers and introduce products that can actively lead the rapidly changing fashion industry.”

This year, Hyosung TNC plans to focus on expanding its overseas market share by strengthening global marketing activities not only for spandex but also the nylon and polyester sector. The company will broaden channels through which it can listen to the voice of customers and develop more differentiated products that reflect customers’ needs.

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