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Awards Ceremony for "2018 Proud Hyosung-er Award" Dec.27, 2018

Awards Ceremony for 2018 Proud Hyosung-er Award  

Hyosung held the awards ceremony for the “2018 Proud Hyosung-er Award” on Dec. 27 at the head office building in Mapo. General Manager Oh Dong-woo of Hyosung Heavy Industries, who won the award for having expanded the receipt of orders for ESS (Energy Storage System), was given a KRW 50 million prize and a plaque.

General Manager Oh Dong-woo was recognized for his great contribution to the achievement of the No. 1 market share of ESS in the Korean market by focusing on the market of ESS linked with solar energy and Peak Cut ESS. In particular, General Manager Oh expanded the receipt of orders by establishing cooperative relations with various stakeholders including solar energy EPC companies, ESS investors, and battery suppliers. The sales of the ESS Business Division of Hyosung Heavy Industries are expected to increase by about 500% compared to the previous year.

The awards ceremony for the “2018 4Q Proud Hyosung-er Awards” was also held the same day. The prize winners who received prize money and plaque were Senior Manager Kim Byoung-kweon in the Industrial Machinery PU of Hyosung Industries in the Technology Division; General Manager Kim kyung-soo of Hyosung R&DB Labs in the Research Division; and General Manager Lee Won-sun of Hyosung Vietnam in the Supporting Field. 

The “2018 Hyosung-er Special Awards,” which came with KRW 20 million prize money and plaque, were given to partner companies Hanil Circuit Breaker Co., Ltd. and Shin Construction Co., Ltd. for leading the win-win growth with Hyosung. 

Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho congratulated the prize winners, expressing gratitude to those who delivered great performances with outstanding passion and challenge spirit. “May the entire Hyosung family keep listening to the VOC (Voice of Customer) in the new year to find out what customers want and what we have to do to increase customers’ value and achieve self-innovation, putting customers at the center,” he added.

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