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Hyosung Shares 'Kimjang Kimchi of Love' with Neighbors Nov.28, 2018

Hyosung donated kimjang kimchi to the regional community to help residents live through winter.
Hyosung announced on November 27 that it provided “Kimjang Kimchi of Love” to 1,500 low-income households in Mapo-gu, where its headquarters is located. Around 20 employees of the group, including Hyosung Heavy Industries, visited 100 houses to deliver kimchi in person.

Choi Yeong-beom, Communication Director (Vice President) at Hyosung, who joined in delivering kimchi said, “I hope this kimjang kimchi will be of help ahead of winter. Hyosung will actively support underprivileged neighbors as a member of the local community.”

The Kimchi provided by Hyosung this year was made by the traditional food division of Ulsan Jung-gu Senior Club, a social enterprise founded to help vulnerable elderly people over the age of 60 support themselves. Hyosung has purchased kimchi from the senior club for the eighth year.

Hyosung has also donated daily supplies to Mapo residents and held a hope-sharing festival every year. In August, Chairman Cho Hyun-joon himself presented “Rice of Love” to neighbors in need to encourage employees’ social contribution activities.

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