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Hyosung Heavy Industries Completes the World˙s Largest STATCOM Deployment Oct.26, 2018


Hyosung Heavy Industries has completed the deployment of the world˙s largest STATCOM facility.

Last October 25, Hyosung Heavy Industries (KHNP) held a ceremony to commemorate the installation of the 400Mvar STATCOM (STATic synchronous COMpensator) at the KEPCO Sinyoungju Substation and at the KEPCO Sinchungju Substation. The 400Mvar STATCOM is the world˙s largest single stand-alone facility.

STATCOM is a device that maintains the voltage at a constant level during the transmission of power, resulting in better transmission efficiency and a more stable supply of power. Normally, electricity is produced at the power plant and before arriving at each house, the electric current changes its direction continuously. In this process, reactive power is generated while the current is flowing, even if it does not work. STATCOM increases the transmission efficiency by controlling the reactive power. As a result, with this device, the same power line can be used to send more electric power.

The newly installed STATCOMS at the KEPCO Sinyoungju Substation and the Sinchungju Substation are expected to improve power stability in the power distribution network which sends electricity produced on Korea’s east coast to the capital city and nearby areas. With the installation of STATCOMS, the transmission efficiency will improve by a margin of 10% over conventional power transmission lines, raising hopes that power supply to the metropolitan areas could be improved. A KEPCO official said, "With the improved power transmission efficiency, we will be able to supply more stable power to the metropolitan area, and we expect to see savings of about 300 billion won (KRW) every year in power purchasing costs."

By completing the deployment of the world’s largest STATCOM facility, Hyosung Heavy Industries is now recognized as a leader in next generation electric power technology. In particular, the STATCOM utilizes a technology developed by Hyosung called Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC), a device that modifies the power so that it approximates the shape of the waveform of a normal AC power and produces large capacity and low loss performance characteristics.

Senior Managing Director Song Won-pyo of Hyosung Heavy Industries said, “Hyosung and KEPCO took up the challenge and succeeded in going beyond Korea’s first to become the world˙s first in the electric power business.” He added, “Once we successfully complete the HVDC※ demonstration project with KEPCO, Hyosung will emerge as the leader of the next generation power technology in the global market.”

Kim Sang-Jun, the head of the New Transmission Business Team at KEPCO, said “At a time when building new transmission lines is difficult, STATCOM can maximize the transmission capacity of existing power networks. Due to this advantage, the demand for STATCOM is anticipated to continually increase in the years to come.”

Meanwhile, Hyosung plans to deploy by 2019, two large capacity STATCOM units at Donghae Substation and Sinbupyeong Substation, and intends to ramp up its efforts in developing the company’s global business.

Reference: Terminology Description

※ HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current):

HVDC is a power transmission method in which alternating current (AC) power generated by power plants is converted to direct current (DC) at high voltage before transmission. Compared to conventional AC power transmission, HVDC transmission can greatly reduce power loss.

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