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5th Teaching Class of Yo-Yo Ma Sponsored by Hyosung Oct.18, 2018


The teaching class of world-class cellist Yo-Yo Ma is being held for the 5th time on Oct. 17 under the sponsorship of Hyosung. Members of the ″Onnuri Love Chamber,″ an orchestra composed of disadvantaged children and adolescents, are to be taught by the member of ″Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble″ at the Seoul Arts Center.
The Yo-Yo Ma Teaching Class, which began in 2009 at the suggestion of Senior President H.S. Cho, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Yoo-Young Kim, a violist who is the wife of President H.S. Cho, was selected as a regular member of the Silk Road Ensemble in 2004, playing in concerts for 10 times and workshops as the only Korean in the ensemble. With much concern for disadvantaged people, President Cho, who is serving as the head of Hyosung Volunteer Service Corps, suggested the teaching class for disadvantaged youths in 2009 so that they will not lose their dream in music and arts, and Yo-Yo Ma accepted without hesitation.

Hyosung has held the teaching class biennially since 2010 as part of the ″Hyosung Culture Series″ that sponsor talented artists and sports players and disadvantaged students through scholarships awarded to talented young artists, purchase of musical instruments, concerts, music camp, etc. In addition, Hyosung is the global lead sponsor for Yo-Yo Ma′s Silk Road Project; thus maintaining the beautiful friendship.
The first teaching class was held for the members of the ″Busan Youth Detention Center Orchestra,″ whereas the class in 2012 was provided for the members of the ″Sejong Young Players Harmony Orchestra″ composed of students from multicultural families. Four of the members of the ″Onnuri Love Chamber Orchestra″ who met Yo-Yo Ma for three consecutive times from 2014 continued their study in the college of music majoring in cello and violin. ″We are so glad that our children could have more passion in music thanks to the impressive teaching of world-famous musicians and the continuous support of Hyosung and enter the college of music,″ the parents of the students said. 
This year, members of ″Young Man′s Heart,″ a youth volunteer service corps of the Seoul Music Group, are joining the teaching class in addition to the ″Onnuri Love Chamber Orchestra.″ The Seoul Sharing Music Group is a professional art performance group established with the aim of realizing a community of harmony regardless of handicap through music.
Before the class, the members of the orchestra participating in the teaching class are going to play Handel-Halvorsen passacaglia and ″Brindisi″ from Verdi′s La Traviata, which is popular with the public, together with In-Gyeong Sohn, a violinist and the leader of the Onnuri Love Chamber, and violinist Yoo-Young Kim who is participating as a teacher.
According to Yo-Yo Ma, the Silk Road Ensemble and Hyosung have the same view of the world, so they naturally share a friendship. In particular, he referred to President H.S. Cho as a special friend of the Silk Road Ensemble who shares and realizes the cause, having been with them for almost half of their history.
″While the teaching class was initiated and developed by Hyosung, we have learned more from Yo-Yo Ma and the participating students for the past 10 years in the aspect of musical communication and sympathy,″ said Senior President H.S. Cho who hosted the event.

The spokesperson for Yo-Yo Ma announced belatedly that the movie ″The Music of Strangers″ co-produced by President H.S. Cho received The Christophers award in Toronto last year. The Christophers award is given to the producer, director, writer, etc. of a book, a movie or a special TV program that realizes the best value of human spirit. The Beautiful Mind and Gravity are among the winners so far.
Hyosung will continue to make social contribution activities to help and communicate with isolated neighbors and harmonize with various regions and classes.

Yo-Yo Ma is a genius cellist who has released more than 100 albums, sold more than 7 million albums worldwide, and won 18 Grammy Awards. Established in 1998 and composed of famous composers and musicians from more than 20 countries, the ″Silk Road Ensemble″ of Yo-Yo Ma has worked to harmonize Eastern and Western music by combining classical music, folk music, pop music, etc.

Violist Yoo-Young Kim used to be a regular member of the Silk Road Ensemble. She was named ″Young Professional Artist″ -- the highest honor for musicians selected by Carnegie Hall of the US -- twice in 2004 and 2006. She is a world-class violist who received awards in the New York Five Towns Concours, etc.

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