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Hyosung TNC penetrates the 'European market' by satisfying functionality and trends at the same time Jul.09, 2018


On July 9, Hyosung TNC announced that it participated in ‘Mode City-Interfiliere Paris 2018,’ which was held from July 7 to July 9 in Paris, France, and introduced new functional materials in a bid to advance into the global fabric market.
‘Mode City-Interfiliere Paris’ is the world’s largest trade show for swimwear, lingerie and fabrics, held every year in Paris, France. This year, 680 companies from 28 countries participated in the trade show.

■ introducing functional fabric brands that suit new lifestyles
In the fashion industry, interest in ‘crossover fashion,’ which reflects consumer needs for reasonable prices and efficient consumption, has been increasing over the years. Crossover fashion is a style that is as comfortable as sportswear like the athleisure look and is not a far cry from everyday fashion. It refers to various attempts to combine functions and designs.
Keeping with these trends, Hyosung TNC exhibited the following at this trade show: a spandex brand ‘creora® Color+’ that provides clear colors and comfortable wearing sensation▲a spandex brand ‘creora® highclo™’ that minimizes the loss of elasticity of swimwear due to disinfectants▲and a spandex brand ‘creora® Fresh’ that reduces the smell of sweat and foot odor. In addition, the company also put on display ▲ a nylon brand ‘Mipan aqua-X’ that cools the wearer down by blocking ultraviolet rays ▲light and soft nylon ‘Mipan pastel ▲and polyester ‘Cotna’ that feels like natural cotton.

■ Proposing new materials that reflect the ‘sustainable fashion’ trend, a hot topic of recent years
Recently, ‘Sustainable Fashion’ is garnering a great deal of public attention. Sustainable fashion is not only an environment-friendly product, but also part of a new lifestyle that reflects social value, i.e. protecting the environment and conserving resources.
Hyosung TNC exhibited recycled nylon brands ‘MIPAN regen’ and ‘regen,’ which are made of recycled waste PET bottles. The company also launched ‘MIPAN regen Aqua-X,’ a differentiated fabric which combines recycling, cool touch and the UV-blocking function.
Hyosung TNX came together with a client and fabric manufacturer, Sunhing (Hong Kong), to develop an environment-friendly fabric, and also put it on display. This fabric is made of spandex, which is capable of thermal setting at a lower temperature than general spandex, ‘creora® eco-soft,’ and omitted the dyeing process that generates wastewater.
“Hyosung TNC is making efforts to develop innovative products, sought by customers, through partnerships with global clients,” stated Kim Yong-seop, Chief Executive Officer of Hyosung TNC. “We are planning to continue our collaboration with our clients to grow together into trend-leading enterprises in the textile market.”

■ Recruiting marketing experts from the US and the UK to reinforce global marketing efforts
Hyosung TNC recruited Michael J. Simko as the new global marketing director last November to reinforce its global marketing efforts. In April, the company hired Simon Whitmarsh-Knight (UK) as its new marketing director and began to expand the market with a focus on Europe, the Middle East and Africa. To read the industry trends ahead of others, and present a vision to clients, it also established the fashion design team.

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