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Hyosung TNS raises the awareness of social contributions through its 'briquette delivery' efforts May.31, 2018


On May 30, Hyosung TNS Inc. (formerly Nautilus Hyosung Inc.) announced that it delivered 10,000 briquettes to energy-poor low-income groups and senior citizens living alone.

Employees who were promoted this year participated in the volunteering effort to deliver briquettes to those who receive basic living subsidies, senior citizens living alone, low-income families and grandparent-headed families, fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. These kinds of social contribution activities have been conducted since 2015 to raise the awareness of ‘reinforcing social contribution efforts,’ one of the core management policies of Hyosung.

‘Energy-poor’ refers to those households which spend more than 10% of their income on electricity, fuel and heating. As their utility costs take up a significant portion of their income, they have relatively less money to spend on the necessities of life. As a result, they can hardly use enough energy to meet their needs. The briquettes were delivered to the underprivileged who cannot even use electric pads because of poor heating systems and fear of high electric bills at a time when the day and night temperature differential is wide.

Pyo Kyoung Won, CEO of Hyosung TNS, stated, “Hyosung TNS Inc. has been making efforts to fulfill corporate social responsibilities since 2004 through annual kimchi-making events, donations of rice and daily necessities and delivery of lunchboxes. We will conduct a greater variety of activities to help the local community as its member.”

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