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Hyosung partakes in Vietnam's largest textile industry expo Apr.11, 2018


As a means to speed up its efforts to advance into the Vietnamese market, Hyosung will participate in the textile and garment industry expo ‘Saigon Tex (Vietnam Saigon Textile & Garment industry Expo 2018),’ which is scheduled to be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from April 11 through April 14, which will be a first for the Korean company.

First started to be regularly held 30 years ago, Saigon Tex is Vietnam’s largest textile expo where you can get up close and interact with all products ranging from yarns and fabrics to subsidiary materials and machines related to textiles in one location. Hyosung, the largest yarn maker participating in this year’s Saigon Tex, has an aim to propose the development of various products to Vietnamese and global customers.

Hyosung is seeking to align itself with the needs of customers, particularly with those who value wearing sensation and fit, through its focus on creora® eco-soft, a spandex textile with a soft touch, creora® highclo which is robust against the chlorine in swimming pools, and creora® Fresh which eliminates the occasional unpleasant odor of clothing. Also, as a means to adapt to the climate of Vietnam that is hot and humid throughout the year, Hyosung is also planning to introduce Askin, made of polyester, and Aqua-X, made of nylon, which possess UV-blocking, moisture-absorbent quick drying and cool-to-touch properties. Hyosung expects that this expo will help provide more opportunities to enhance its brand awareness in the Vietnamese market, while allowing for the potential to develop materials jointly with clothing brands.

“Saigon Tex is an opportunity to look back at what we have achieved and where we are headed 10 years after the completion of our spandex plant in Vietnam in 2008,” remarked Cho Hyun-joon, Chairman of Hyosung. “We will strive to always bear in mind that we must commit ourselves to listen attentively to the valued feedback of customers and the market in order to become a company at the forefront of the global stage, and we will make continued efforts to evolve as such.”

In context, more than 1,100 companies from 26 countries, including Vietnam, China, Germany and India, participated in last year’s ‘Saigon Tex 2017’, and as many as 25,000 people visited the expo.

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