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Hyosung advances into the Indonesian market as a premium textile brand Apr.05, 2018


From April 4-7, Hyosung is participating in ‘Indo Intertex,’ a textile industry expo held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and seeking to make inroads into the local market as a global premium textile brand.

Indo Intertex is the largest textile and processing machine expo in Indonesia. Not only featuring fabrics and yarns, but also processing machines, tools and latest technologies related to textiles can be exhibited here. Hyosung has been participating in this expo for 6 consecutive years dating back to 2013, and is captivating customers and related companies every year with its world-best differentiated yarns.

At this expo, Hyosung will come together in collaboration with an Indonesian brand to introduce the yarns and fabrics used in premium clothing, athleisure look and Muslim active wear. Hyosung will showcase a ‘premium denim’ fabric, made of spandex creora® Fit2 for denim together with Lee Cooper (a global denim brand). Thanks to its excellent elasticity, it offers comfort and a perfect fit. In addition, it will join forces with Sorella (a Southeast Asian lingerie brand) to introduce ‘lingerie’ made of creora® eco-soft which boasts of a soft feel, and collaborate with Shasmira (a Muslim wear brand) to display Muslim wear, made of Hyosung’s spandex yarns, which is sure to catch the eye of spectators.

Hyosung noted that demand for elastic and comfortable Muslim wear made of light fabric is increasing year after year in the Indonesian market where 87% of the population consists of Muslims, and has been striving to raise their awareness of the creora brand. Hyosung has been working with local companies for joint development of fabrics and collaborative marketing, and successfully launched Muslim active wear and the athleisure look to which creora is applied.

Cho Hyun-joon, chairman of Hyosung, who has been emphasizing the importance of technology and quality, stated, “Hyosung’s high-functionality products, made with world-best technology, will enable us to transcend the Indonesian market and to be at the forefront of global lifestyles.”

Meanwhile, about half of the population of Indonesia, which is home to the world’s 4th largest population of approximately 260 million, is under the age of 24, and they are highly sensitive to fashion and trends. Due to rapid economic growth, the middle class is increasing, and particular demand for foreign clothing is also on the rise. As the Indonesian government is planning to grow its textile industry by 5~6% 1) each year, this market exhibits very high growth potential. Sales of Indonesia’s clothing market are expected to be about 18 billion USD in 2018, and is forecast to increase by 8.4%2) each year until 2021.

※ 1) KOTRA Overseas Market News Industry DB, as of 2017 
   2) Statista (German statistics portal), as of February 2018

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