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Hyosung visits global customers for 'area marketing' Mar.23, 2018


Hyosung is regularly visiting customers around the world for area marketing.

Hyosung has been visiting Asian customers throughout Hong Kong, China and Taiwan and holding the ‘creora® workshop’ for 2 weeks from March 14 to March 28.

The creora® workshop is a customized counseling session in which Hyosung provides customers with trend data suited for the characteristics of each company, and proposes development of new fabrics using Hyosung’s yarns, such as spandex, nylon and polyester.

Hyosung visited a total of 20 Asian clients, including brands like GAP Hong Kong branch, China’s Anta and Lining, and large sewing companies like Regina Miracle and Crystal Martin. Before visiting Asia, Hyosung successfully completed the workshop with domestic customers such as Hansol and Panko, and the company is planning to visit Europe and Americas starting next month.

Fashion columnist Louisa Smith, who is conducting the creora® workshop together with Hyosung, remarked about the latest trends, “The everyday wear cum sportswear trend has advanced further, and now the lifestyles of people are actively changing as a result. As consumers prefer sportswear functions as well as light and comfortable wear, Hyosung’s flexible textiles are an ideal choice for customers.”

Meanwhile, Hyosung entered into an MOU with a Vietnamese fashion company Fashion Star on March 9, and jointly launched sportswear products using Hyosung’s yarns in a bid to aggressively make inroads into emerging markets where young customers place a strong emphasis on functionality and fashion.

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